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Pain back again, anyone else? After period pain!??!

Back in January I had my second lap to remove adhesions and endometrial cysts from ovaries. Pain has returned with a vengeance, mostly after my period. It's day 11 of my cycle and I have severe pains in my ovaries. Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Trying for a baby so am not on any meds. I feel alone and scared. Don't want to continue bothering my hubby with complaints and not wanting to have sex. Can NHS help me manage the pain? Any help or advice is soooo appreciated.

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My girlfriend hasnt had any ops but she does get pain in her lower back and p-pain sometimes increases every kind of area of pain she has. My gf told me other day it hurts to have sex.....and so i now refuse to be that intimate (as I dont want to hurt here and for her to suffer more unnessasary pain). I think your husband should be understandable and that there are other ways to mess about :)

Im 22 and it isnt the end of the world without sex. But i guess you feel guilty but dont because its you who should come first like my girl :D


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