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Workplace - disability declaration?

Hi Ladies, I’m having a reeeeeeaaaaally bad time dealing with everything emotionally (maybe I will write a separate post just to have a rant for myself…) however I was hoping for some advice…

I know Endo isn’t classed as a disability as such but in my work place we are asked to complete the Equality & Diversity info and the question says ‘do you consider yourself to be disabled – yes/no’ then we are given a drop down option of things such as deaf, mental health, general learning disability, unknown disability etc. one of these options is ‘Long-standing illness/health condition’ and then there is a free text box for more info.

Should I enter that I have endometriosis and adenomyosis just so that it is saved on my record & I can’t be caught out for not ‘declaring’ it or should I not because it is not technically a disability??

Any advice is much appreciated. Hope you’re all having the best day possible xx

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The UK government don't class it as a disability yet (there is a petition in the "pinned posts" that ask Cameron to recognise it as one, which no doubt will take years and years to assess - if we ever get the signatures, or will be just outright dismissed). Therefore, I wouldn't feel any obligation to officially mark it down as one.

It might ask you to write about previous health conditions: I'd probably put it in that section... that way you're covered if it flares up.


If it helps, I was seen by occupational health at my work place and she considered Endometriosis as a disability under the Equalities Act. Her reasoning was that it was a chronic illness that if left untreated would be detrimental to everyday life.. I do now tick that box! 😊


Ahh I like this! I work for a large well-known University who are big on Equality & Diversity, have a huge OH team and a flexible approach to working with disabilities so I would like to think I will get a similar response but just wanted to know of other's experiences before I decide to stick it on my HR record - thanks lovely ! :)

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No worries, I work for local government in HR so I'm pretty well placed to know my rights. If the occupational therapist hadn't mentioned it I would have brought it up. I went to the trouble of printing out the entire Equalities Act 2010 document and highlighting sections that applied. 😊 I just wish that this wasn't such a grey area and that it could be defined under the listed illnesses covered automatically... Hey ho I was one of the lucky ones... I would suggest that you asked for a referral to OH for an assessment and get it down on paper. That way you'll be covered in the future if you have any problems with your sickness absence! Good luck xx

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Hi, I went on an 3 day employment course last year and am by no means an expert, but from what I learnt on the course I would put your condition down on the form. Your employer will have to take action to prevent discrimination if they know about your condition. I think there is confusion between endo being classified as a disability for government benefits, and as a disability for protection under the Equalities Act:

A person has a disability for the purposes of the Act if he or she has a physical or mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities (S6(1)).

Migraines, depression, ability to get of bed to conduct normal daily activities due to the pain are all the types of impairments that are covered. In a way, it's not the condition, but it's effects on your abilities that are important.

The act doesn't contain a list of illnesses included and excluded (except excluding hay fever, drug addiction and setting fires??!!)

If you start having problems but your employer doesn't officially know, then they have no obligation to give you any special help or time off for treatment, flexible working etc or prevent discrimination such as you missing out on promotions and pay rises due to your absences. If your employer knows, you and your employer can work together to help you perform your duties, which is real objective of the equality act :-)

Good luck with the new job!


Thank you for all of your info & guidance. I emailed the HR dept. the other day and they have been really lovely but as I don't know what reasonable adjustments would help me I feel like i'm wasting their time :( I filled in the form with the info about endo but the lady said that is not an official declaration of a disability to HR as it is just for equality monitoring purposes and that if I can think of any reasonable adjustments to help then it would be dealt with & declared properly. i don't think i need reasonable adjustments every day but some days I wish there was a little more understanding between my colleagues & manager that I didn't mean to come in late or spend 2 hours of my day running to the toilet or having to leave early to get to the GP again etc. they all know I have endo but I don't think they take it seriously enough and view at as 'just a period' ... x


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