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What next?

So after having a Hysterectomy and excision of endo last july and a vault tear in August. I have just been through another laparoscopy and from what I can gather more endo was found. The only problems is that I have no idea what has been done? After the surgery I spoke to a nurse who advised me that I could go home once I was mobile. (It took 4 of us to try and read my notes) I have not been told what has been done, how long to have off work, no follow up appointment. I had to call my doctor for a sick note which was difficult as neither of us know what has been done!!! I have got to go to docs in 3 weeks before I go back to work. Hopefully by then she will have some notes and can tell me what has been done!

I contacted PALS last december to register a complaint. I contacted them a few weeks ago and was told that the woman looking after my case has recently left and nothing has been done about my complaint. Really wishing I had found a different hospital to go through all of this, maybe I wouldn't be in such a mess still!

Maybe I should stop being so understanding!!!

Miranda x

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Hi keep your chin up thinking of you. I do understand as just been discharged from hospital after being admitted through A and E re pain and bowel problems.

oh what fun lives we live.

Persil xx


You should pursue your complaint, and add to it with all this detail. I do research in the NHS around patient safety and inadequate communication from clinicians puts patients at risk! So fight you corner, and stand your ground until someone recognises that someone did something wrong, or indeed several people.

This is not acceptable.

Hope you feel better soon xx


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