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Can drinking alcohol lead to rectal bleeding with endometriosis?

I can get rectal bleeding during my period anyway but I have just finished my period so wasn't expecting anything - I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis, although I've been sure I've had it for some years now. I am having a laparoscopy in July so I also don't know how bad things are.

Anyway I don't often drink alcohol but had 2 pints of cider last night and this morning I had to rush to the loo. I had obviously passed alot of blood which I assume passed with my stools (sorry for the tmi). I've not had any signs of bleeding since though. Is this possibly endometriosis related? My consultant suspects I have endometriosis in my diaphragm so I don't know if it could be in other places and so affecting things. I have had blood in my urine for years and I have had blood clots show up in my urine at times but this seemed to be relating to the alcohol last night.

I feel like I'm more full of questions than answers at the moment!

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Hi gypsydarla, i have a patch of Endo on my rectum which makes me pass blood and gives me shooting pains up my bum and makes it very painful to open my bowels sometimes.

for me alcohol aggrivates my Endo pain and i would be guaranteed to have Endo pain the day after drinking x


Hi gypsydarla

Just to say that endometriosis can only be definitively diagnosed by laparoscopy so although your consultant might suspect it, and it does sound as if he's probably right, he won't know for sure until he gets in there.

I'm sure he's already got it in hand but it might be an idea to make sure he's going to check your bowel and bladder closely for endo.

Good luck

C x


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