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Blood around the pelvis?

Well once again I was back at the GP last night, after 2 weeks on movicol which did not help at all she told me to stop these and has put me on Mebeverine for a month to treat IBS and see how I get on. So annoyed though every symptom I mentioned to her she just kept going back to IBS. When I asked about the pill masking the endo on the Lap as I take it constantly and suggested maybe that's why it didn't show anything on the Lap she just ignored the question and went back to IBS.

One thing she did mention however was she had a letter back from the surgeon with my laparoscopy results, it said they did not find any signs on endo but they did find significant amounts of swollen blood vessels packed full with blood around my Pelvis, when I asked her what this could be she said its probably down to the IBS.

I am confused surely this cannot be caused by IBS, has anyone else had this kind of problem with blood around their pelvis? What could it be and should I definitely go for this second opinion with the endo specialist as I am in 2 minds about it at the moment I want to go but then I don't as I don't want the NHS to be right all along and this is all in my head and then I will look stupid.

If I called the GP surgery and asked for a copy of the letter from the surgeon in which was sent to them would I be able to have one? x

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I dont know what it could be but did once read about someone having internal varicouse veins in pelvis. Might be worth a google. Good luck xxx



I asked for a copy of the surgeons letter... I think I had to pay an admin charge... pfft

The letter was underwhelming but I was allowed a copy

Crystal x



I am sure you would be allowed a copy of the letter from the surgeon. But unfortunately like crystal_willow says they may charge you.

I think as your GP is not listening to you, and you are still concerned about what is going on with your body that you will get peace of mind if you do go the specialist. If they confirm what the GP has said then so be it. But you will always wonder "what if" if you don't go. But that is just my thoughts.

I hope you are having good days x


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