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Managed to get my date for a Laparoscopy through hassling them

Hi All

Thought this may help some of you. I have been waiting 6 weeks for my Laporoscopy date and still hadnt heard anything. Getting anxious and annoyed by this i decided to call my gyno's secretary who passed me on to admissions. They didnt have a date for me but booked me in for my pre assesment. called back again today as still no appointment and managed to get them to book me in for the end of July as origonally was going to be Novemver. If you are waiting and getting anxious as i was just call and explain you will find that they will want to help anyway they can and you may be lucky like me and get it sooner rather then later.

Good Luck Ladies hope this has helped

x x x

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Go you! well done for not just waiting and suffering for longer! It sucks when we have to push for being seen and not just ignored.

Hope all goes well for your Lap in July.

Thanks for sharing this with us x


one thing i have never been is paitent. Sometimes you have to go and get what you want, it was either suffer for the next 6 months or get a better date. If you call they always have pople with cancellations that need to change their ops so its always worth a little call here and there.

Thank you I cant wait but i am so scared to as i have had this done twice now so know what to expect but still bring on recovery time hopefully in the sunshine :) x x


Lucky you. I was finally booked in for my op on the 31st May after waiting 2 months for a date. I got a letter 2 weeks ago to say it had been cancelled, no explanation no revised date. Can I get a revised date from them...? I am writing my complaint email this evening. Totally fed up! :-(


OMG that is out of order.

i have been cancelled for an op twice before once i was in the hospital waiting to go to surgery had been there for 8 hours already and had not eaten as was going to have general and then they came round and just said i am afraid that we cant do yours today so you will need to get dressed and leave.(Rude or what)

on your cancellation letter is there a number for admissions? or for your consultants secretary?? if so call them and just explain that it is upsetting after already waiting so long. you will find most of them will help if they can and you never know there may be another appointment that someone else has had to cancel that they can offer you. all i can say is that you wont know unless you try. If you havent got the numbers you need just call the hospital switchboard and ask for Gynocology admissions and they can give you the number or put you through.

wishing you luck just keep calling till they give you the date x x x


Hi Mazzda, thanks for getting back to me and for your advice. Unfortunately I are tried all of the avenues you have suggested. I emailed my consultant as soon as I got the letter and am still waiting for a response. I spoke to admissions on the Monday after receiving the letter, having left a message on the Thursday and Friday before with no response. The admin lady said she was meeting the consultant that day and would get back to me by the end of last week, or it could be this week or the week after. I decided to be persistent and phoned yesterday, they said there was no record of me on their list going into July! No mention of the meeting last monday, but they were off last Monday and missed their meeting with the consultant. Bank holiday next Monday, so next meeting won't be until 3rd June. Phoned my consultant, left a message and still haven't had a response! I saw my consultant on the 28th January to get my referral. Our NHS trust has an waiting list of 18 weeks, I am rapidly approaching that limit! Hence my complaint email to the hospital! Sorry for the rant, but as you can probably guess I'm at he end of my tether! :-)


Sorry Mazzda, in my rant I forgot to say how awful it must have been to be turned away on the day of your op. sometimes the NHS is devoid of any kind of compassion! :-)


HI dont worry about the rant i know how frustrating it is and the anxiety you feel is awful. That is out of order that they are doing that to you. On the NHS website it states they have an oblligation to you to get you the treatment done in 18 weeks of referal (have attached the link for you)


if you havent heard anything in a week i would try esculating it if you can as it is not fair to leave you as the longer its left the worse it gets

if i can help anymore let me know x x x


Thank you very much, you're a star x


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