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Struggling with infertility & waiting results!


Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis. I have been trying for a baby now for over 3 years, and after being reffered to Jessops back in November, have had a hsg, internal scan, and I am now recovering from a laparoscopy which I had done last week. I am awaiting results from a biopsy that was done as my surgeon has found lots of white/clear blister like lumps all over the back of my uterus, and it is driving me crazy!!! I am so scared that something is seriously wrong, and I just want to talk to people that are going through the same thing, or who have had this condition, as the only people I speak to have had it on their ovaries, or in their tubes etc, but noone with this on their utuerus. I need some answers but don't know which way to turn, and I know I wont see my surgeon again for at least 6 weeks!! Can anyone help me?

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I have had it in my uterus but after years of having it I've got damage to my tubes as well ! if there was something seriously wrong I'm sure they would have come back to you as soon as your biopsy was being tested! doctors don't mess around when its something worse than endo! have you got a follow up appointment scheduled to discuss the biopsy & laparoscopy? Xx

Did you find out that you have endo because of the infertility, not from constant pain in pelvis?

Hi so sorry to hear what you're going through, although I have stage 4 endo and have had both a laparoscopy and recently open surgery I haven't experienced exactly what you're going through, although I do agrees with the last message that if it was anything more serious I'm sure they would have been in touch. Why don't you ring your consultants secretary and explain how anxious you are it might help you get more information.

After my lap I had no idea what they'd done or found and I was beside myself I rung the hospital and they were very helpful, that was in leeds. Since then I have moved to a private hospital in Sheffield as the consultant came highly recommended for both endo and fertility I know he also practices at Sheffield it might be the same one, I know you're not supposed to name people on here but if I said he was Chinese you'd know who I meant, if you're with him you are in very good hands.

Take care xx


I had radical excision surgery for endo with Mr Trehan. I had blisters on about 80% of my uterus and he said that this is another form of endo, as endo comes in many shapes, colours etc.Mr Trehan said unfortunately many surgeons on the NHS do not recognise endo in its various forms, only people who specialise in it can identify it. As you cannot shave the uterus I had them removed with diathermy, but it may grow back. We too have been trying for a baby for 8 years now and I am undergoing IVF. I have recently started seeing a lady who does private Traditional Chinese Medicince and acupuncture in sheffield. She is registered with the NHS and gets referrals from Jessops and Care in Sheffield as the ratio of pregnancies is about 67%. THey basically send her all the ladies that western medicine has written off. I have had several sessions of just acupuncture with her, and I am due to hopefully have my transfer next week. She may be worth baring in mind

lots of love

Miwa x

Hi, thank you all for your comments, it does really help. I've been in touch with my docs secretary today, and she has said my results haven't come back yet, and that it could be another 1-2 weeks before we get the results back, so guess I just sit and wait. My main issue is the not knowing its driving me crazy. Thing that's bothering me is if the results come back and it's definitely endo on my uterus will ivf even work, because surely that the reason I'm not falling now, due to the embryo not being able to attach?


Mr Trehan said to me the only way the endo would affect IVF working is if it is in the muscle of the uterus itself (adenomyosis), as there is no way of telling that you have this unless you have a hysterectomy. So we are just hoping that it works. I have read lots about this and apparently it is more likely to work if you are on a blood thinner. Our previous two attempts the consultant would not put me on one. Now for this third attempt I am on fragmin. So hopefully we have more of a chance of working.

Maybe this is something you could ask your consultant to consider for you?


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