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Will next op help?


Hi all I'm waiting for a date for a second lap to remove a small lesion on my bowel, burn another one off and burn off some superficial adhesions. Im in agony and exhausted all the time a d im wondering if this op can actually help with this pain and exhaustion because my specialist seems to think that what he's removing is tiny. Anyone been there already??

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Please dont worry about the size of the endo patches due to be removed. Many doctors and gynae consultants will say that there isn't necessarily a link between the amount of endo and the amount of pain it causes the patient.

Some ladies with extensive endo are not aware of it until they have an operation to explore fertility issues for example. Other ladies suffer a great deal of pain and not much endo is found during surgery.

Another possibility is that your current pain is being caused by adhesions. These can also be dealt with during surgery so fingers crossed you will feel much better post-op.

Hope you get a date through soon

Caroline, x

Hi I agree just stick with it and keep fingers crossed. When I had my first lap they found endo but not much yet I was incredible pain. By my second lap I was in pain but not as much and then they found lots more. It really does seem to be unrelated to what they find and how much lain you have or at least that is my experience. I do get adhesions quite bad so that contributes to my pain if this is the case then you will feel benefit from your lap. Have you considered any treatment after - I tend to go onto hormone treatment to try and suppress it after but it doesn't suit everyone.

Good luck


Thanks for answering girls. Still waiting on next lap. The pain isnt so bad but im now battling chronic fatigue. Or should I rephrase that as im too exhausted to notice the pain as much. Ive stopped my pain killers in the hope that by ignoring the pain ive worn myself out. Have had a week off work dreading going back cos I feel so drained but feel I have to soldier on.

Dont think I can keep going for much longer soo tempted to pack it all in sell my house and move back to ireland.

Ive worked soo hard to get to where I am and it feels right now like its all been for nothing. (Big sigh)

Dunno whether to ring the hospital bout my op as it should have been last Wednesday at the latest or see if the fatigue goes away as I dont want it getting worse

Sorry ive droned on a bit but you know yourself once you start spilling its hard to stop

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