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Can anyone recommend decent period diary/tracking apps?

I pretty much live on my kindle, so rather than getting a diary which I'd probably forget about, I was wondering if you would recommend any apps that would work just as well? Ideally looking to track cycles, record symptoms etc. I've tried a couple of period diaries previously, but they all seem to be more geared towards ovulation and getting pregnant.


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I have 2 on my iPhone they are ip free (I period) and period log. As I say both are free font like paying for my apps not sure if you can get them on a kindle but something to look for. If you are regular they work really well if your a bit all over the place I think they struggle to work it out. Having said that I didn't realise that my pain went hans in hand with ovulation. Wasn't trying to conceive so didn't ever think about when I might be ovulating.


Hi I use My days,its free on android so not sure about the kindle, but as Malred8 has said its good to know when ovulation time is so that you can expect the pain.


Hiya. I recently started using an app called my pain diary . It's free and you can print off

Reports based on the info you need, even graphs. It's really good. Sending you strength for every day. Xxx


I have just started using Pink pad on android which i really like.


I use pink pad 2 x


I shall definately have a look for these...busylizzy and lorrainmax - do you use the free or paid versions of pink pad? I'm assuming the only difference between the two is adverts?

And thanks everyone for taking the time to comment, you may not think it but it means a lot to me! :')

Hugs to all xxx


WOMAN LOG!!! It is my all time favourite app. Not only can you track your periods and ovulation but it tracks symptoms too from migraines to irritability. It then backs up to your e-mail and you can print it out to take to the drs or just email it straight to the dr/consultant! Its amazing! You can even put in when you had sex or taken your pill lol. xxx


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