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Anyone recommend a private IVF clinic in hampshire / berkshire

We're about to enter our next stage of ttc #2. As we're blessed with a little 3 year old girl we don't qualify for funding so are looking at choosing a private clinic. How do you chose? Do clinics give stats for endo ladies? As our fertility issues are slightly different from e.g. low sperm count etc. Anyone recommend anywhere near Basingstoke? Any advice in general really? I'm only just starting to think of this....

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Have a look at fertilityfriends.co.uk - there is a sub-board for different areas of the country and there are threads for different clinics. Some clinics even have their own forums like this one so you can have a look at what the current patients say.

Most clinics do open days, but if they haven't got one on soon they will often arrange for you to spark with a Nurse and have a look around.

Most of the stats are based on treatment (e.g. Ivf, icsi, etc) and type (FET etc) and age groups. However, some will specifically say they have special interests in different areas, but some don't like to classify problems into catergories as they say everyone is different: which I'm sure we all know is true. There isn't a great deal of use comparing one case of endo to another, but there probably is with sperm problems or NK cells and the like.

Have a look at the Infertility Network UK - they have stats on there too.

Good look x


Thank you


Hi I've been looking into IVF and the closest one I found was Southampton. I'm going to be asking about IVF at my follow up appointment on Wednesday and don't think ill get funding in basingstoke either so ill let you know if they recommend anywhere. X


Forgot to say that a lot of the bigger clinics have satellite offices for the day-to-day stuff, and you just go to the main offices for the EC and transfer.

Good luck x


Thanks. Lillyflower did you find out? I know some friends have used the hampshire clinic in Basingstoke but I don't know of their expertise with endo.


Hi my follow up appointment was a disaster as wouldn't give me straight answer and gave me wrong info about having a few years to have fertility so wanted to sort pains first but have now spoken with doctor and found out that the age limit for NHS is 35 so has referred me to fertility as 36 next month so hoping I haven't missed my chance. I now have to wait and see what they say and hopefully they will be able to answer my questions as my gyni was useles . Have been reading lots about success rates and have read high success rates could be because they only take people without issues so can be miss leading! It's all a bit confusing but I hope I hear something soon. Have you found a clinic yet? I'll let you know if I get any helpful info x


Hi Lillyflower, no not yet, I'll ask at my next appointment for recommendations (start of July) but guess I'll end up using the hampshire clinic which is a satellite of Southampton. So sorry your appointment was a disaster. So hope you get it on the NHS! We've got to pay.

Good luck and thanks if you find out anything else.



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