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So so sleepy!

I had my first lap back in December and was doing great until about a month ago when all the pain and discomfort has slowly come back and is now back to the way it was before the lap.

Aswell as having all the pain, I've been so tired which is something I didn't experience before. I have a full time job and also work on the weekends. I find that when I come home all I do is eat and then go to bed! I feel sorry for my partner as I've not got my crazy personality like I use to, which is the me he fell in love with!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to cope with being so sleepy, I would just like to have a little part of my life back!


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Hi Lamorna123 have you been checked out for Anaemia?? Very common with endometriosis. My advice is to go to your GP and ask for a blood test - if anaemia is the case then tablets can be prescribed. Worked wonders for me as I also felt tired all the time. Hope this helps xxx


Hi lamorna123

feeling tired is a common symptom. I always feel tired. I would check the anemia thing. but also maybe your thyroid? defo tell your doctor how tired you feel!

I think also what many people dont understand is how pain can totally drain you of energy.

Is any chance of maybe working less hours for a while, I know its hard but you dont want to over do it. :/

I really hope things improve for you xx


I've been tested for anemia, and I'm absolutely fine. I think a mix of being I'm pain all the time and being down all the time have mixed together and caused me to be like this.

I'm at the doctors every week, but I think they are starting to realise that there is not mucho the they can do for me apart give me pain killers.

I thought about leaving my weekend job but I love working there and I love the extra cash that its give me, but I guess my health is the most important thing. Xxxx


Hi Lamorna123.

I know exactly how you feel. I am shattered all the time and spend a lot of time sleeping. If you are on strong painkillers I guess this could be partly to blame, but also agree that the pain and feeling down will also contribute to your sleepiness.

I'm unable to work at the moment due to my pain and because I am still undergoing tests. I know it's hard to cut back when you are used to being a busy bee but sometimes you have to put you first. This is something that I'm still struggling to get my head round but your body will tell you what you can and can't cope with - we just have to listen.

Wishing you all the best xx


i wish i could sleep so tired ive had endo twenty five years and just starting menopause.


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