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6 years ago had microwa

6 years ago had microwave ablution after op in lots of pain and couldnt stop bleeding, after 7weeks they told me they didn't know why I was bleeding and I would have 2have merena coil fitted if it didn't work historectomie thank god it did! 7 weeks ago had to have some cells removed so coil had to be changed all OK.last Tuesday I had a heavy period and a week on I'm still having odd

discharge and pain full cramps can you please tell me is this normal I feel shattered and very tearfull

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If you are having odd discharge (I assume you mean discoloured or strange smelling) then that could be a sign of an infection and it's probably worth getting checked with your GP.

If you are sure it isn't an infection, then chances are it is the old womb lining still shedding away. Bearing in mind you have not probably had a proper period in a mighty long time, this process could be extended over several more days than a regular period would take.

If you're continuing to still bleed you could ask your GP for tranexamic Acid tablets which are blood clotters and would hopefully help stop any new wounds from the recently shed lining from continuing to bleed till next period.

It can take some time for the new mirena to rebuild up the womb lining goop that holds it in place and stops your periods from happening. Perhaps not as long as last time, but it could still take a few more period bleeds. So make sure you have enough pain killers to hand and keep on top of the pain relief, don't let it run out before topping up again.

Tranexamic Acid can only be taken for 3-4 days each period, and sometimes this is not enough to clot all the menstrual bleeding sites, but it should help. They are monster size tablets though. What I call horse pills.

Still worth putting up with the mirena settling in effects, if it means period free for many years to come as I am sure you are aware. What a wonderful thing it is to not have to worry about periods again when it gets working. We forget how bad periods are when we have had a break from them.


Thank you so much for reply ! bleeding etc has finished still have period pains and dead leg feeling but hope that will go to in next few days? after having a bad time after microwave ablution, bleeding and things going wrong, i worry that its going to happen again. Thanks for taking the time to reply


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