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Vaginal bleeding with every bowel movement ..... help please


3 weeks ago I had my first lap and endo was removed. Adhesions had stuck my bowel and uterus together. Since then every time I have a bowel movement I bleed vaginally. Not floods but enough to stain the tissue when wiping.

Pain wise I thought I'd been cured for the first 4 days after my lap but the pain has got progressively worse and I'm back to taking the same amount of pain medication as before.

So my questions are why am I bleeding vaginally when I have a poo and had anyone else had very little relief from a lap?

Thanks everyone

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Hey sorry to hear ur hvaing a horrid time. I too had no relief from my lap and thot all endo was removed but nope have some and the pain is much worse than before too. I cant say why ur bleeding while having a BM but it could be pressure with endo being cut or burnt away. I would give ur doc a call but 3wks is still early days and can take up to 6wks to recover. It took me 7wks to not feel any pain and discomfort. Hope this helps xxx

Hi there Sarah

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through so much,especially having just had a lap.

Did the surgeon and/or gynaecologist mention that this might occur after the surgery?

Or was anything put down on your post-op notes?

I think the worst thing about anything like this is the not knowing as it's really scary, so to put your mind at rest i would really say that you should contact your doctor straight away, just to ask if this is a normal reaction to the specific op you had.

Also, i have had laproroscopies (including laser surgery) before and i found that i was in the most pain immediately after the surgery, as things are bruised and sore for a while.

i think if the pain you're having is getting worse, then see a doc asap. Have you got a gynaecologist who you can talk to and who you trust? that is so important.

Please try not to panic (i know it's easy to say!) but do ring and make an appointment so you can tell them what's going on.

You shouldn't have to be going through such discomfort.

I really hope things improve, feel free to message me or PM me anytime

Best wishes,



I had a Mirena coil fitted in January now every time I open my bowels I have a virginal bleed I mentioned it to my GP on Monday she said try not to worry. And asked when I'm seeing my consultant which is on the 21st May but I'm very worried but probably best to wait till then.

I also bleed when straining to open my bowels, the gynae doesn't seem concerned about this. I also had a Mirena x

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