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Adenomyosis and the mirena coil..has it made your symptoms better or worse?

I have been using the mirena coil for three months to treat the symptoms of adenomyosis including painful sex, abdominal and back pain. At the moment all these symptoms are worse especially crippling back pain that comes and goes. GP as no idea whether this will get better. Has anyone found that sticking with the coil for longer than 6 months helps reduce these kind of painful symptoms?

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I have endometreosis,had fibroids and adenoymosis.I say had the last 2 as i had a hysterectomy in nov after trying all the treatments,lastly the mirena then on lead up to op deceptyl.I found the mirna horrific.From the day i had it in,i don,t have children so very painful insertion.It seemed to settle down a little after 2-3month but later to my horror i found it had actually masked the symptoms of the endo going onto my bladder bowels and back muscles and nerves because i thought as i was told some of the pain was it prodding me.It was eventually removed when i was rushed in to hospital in a terrible state and my insides had actually attached to it so again very painful removal.I had it for 14months but wanted it out quite early.


I have had it since November, my pain is definitely easier (although I did have a lap at the same time so I suppose this could account for some improvement). 5 months in, my periods are lighter and not as painful although I was expecting them to have stopped by now. I know there for some it is fantastic and for others not so. I'm going to stick with it and see how things progress because I've tried almost everything else. I also have adenomyosis. Good luck hope things improve for you soon. x


Hi silversun.

I've had the mirena in for 2 years now, it took a year to work properley but I have no periods and the pain appeared to have stopped for about 6 months. I got pain back on and off after the 6 months and went back to see the specialist as I had been discharged and after an investigive lap 6 weeks ago it has come back. But in all fairness they didn't remove it all after my 1st lap and I have been told I just have that agressive kind that keeps growning. As other lady's have previously said its got to be your choice. I was advised as no other treatment works for me and they needed to slow down my production of estrongen to maintain as much of my insides for children in the future, and juding by the lap although it has growen back the coil has done it's job and its much clearier than they thought (I had it pinning everything last time). The only thing I will warn you about and I wish someone had told me it can be painful for your partner during sex and they can feel it and it is metal. Xx


i had mine in for 18 months, i kept waiting for it to settle, it made all symptoms worse pain wise, but it reduced the bleeding massively, but i still bled lightly everyday, and then still heavy on period, but still reduced from how it was before, periods were very erratic too, and i had some hair thinning, which was my main reason for having it removed. had an ablation recently, but am on list for full hysterectomy xx


Thank you so much for all your answers. To be honest with you all I am finding this overwhelming. Initially I suffered with pain during sex after the birth of my second child. I thought that it was a result of the labour. It took three years for endometriosis to be suggested as a possible cause and I had a lap which came back clear. Because an ultra sound of my womb suggested adenomyosis the consultant decided this must be the cause. I have also had mestrual migraines for the last 10 years and the consultant decided the coil could fix both problems. After such terrible back pain last week I went to see my GP who confusingly suggested that adenomyosis didn't cause painful sex. Totally confused I turned to this website.

It's really great to hear other womens' experiences. I am going to stick with the coil as long as I can but am going but to the gynacologist to discuss the pain. I really need to know if this is not a sign of endo in my back, perhaps an area that couldn't be seen on the lap.

Good luck with all your treatments and thanks again. xx


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