I am new and need help desperately

Hi i am 38 and having ED for around 15 years now. I remember i faild to get erection very first time but things got back to normal for few years and then things got worse. When i was about 25 i found that i was never able to get erection anymore so I visited an urologist. He had a look at my penis and said there is nothing wrong with it and suggested that the problem is psychological. He prescribed 3 vigra pills to regain my confidence. The pills worked amazingly so i got kinda dependent on them and as vigra is sold over the counter in my country i kept buying them and using them. I was too deluded into believing that i can live with vigra for ever. Pills worked very well for 5-6 years then they started losing their effect. The rate was 1 out of 20 probably and gradually increased to 50% success. Then i visited a GP and explained my problem he didnt take the issue seriously and after doing some blood test he said my problem is not physiological and he changed viagra to cilias which didnt work at all so i again returned to viagra. Recently none of these potency pills work anymore. There are also a couple of other problems have been devloped over past few years, first is delayed ejaculation which i cant ejaculate during the intercourse to the point that i lose my erection and i have to do it manually and the other problem which is recently i have is even when i masturbate i ejaculate without a proper erection and my penis is either semi-hard or completely soft.

I am very frustrated and kinda scared. I dont have wife and girlfriend at the moment. Two girls i was dating stopped seeing me because of my erectile problem and i dont dare approach any other girl becuase i know it would happen again and i will be left embarrassed and insulted.

Please give me some advice/suggestion


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  • After double nerve sparing surgery I was told I'd be impotent the rest of my life. Last year I went for penile implant surgery. One of the best decisions I've made. My wife and I wrote a book about our experiences titled Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants-End Your Silence, Sadness, Suffering, and Shame.

  • Thanks for your response. Actually i think penile implant is the last solution. Since i have not tried any alternative treatments i would hope some of other treatment options could be effective.

  • Thank you for writing the book. I'm going to buy a copy. I'm 10 1/2 years post radiation and Lupron with a PSA holding at 0.1.

  • Farira,

    Sounds like your doctor is rather typical - not well trained in ED and perhaps uncomfortable dealing with sexual issues. However, ....

    Many urology clinics will have a doctor who specializes in ED and sexual function. One of them should be able to help you sort out the physical and psychological causes that may affect you. Typically those specialists are found only in larger practices in big cities or in "center of excellence" cancer centers that deal primarily with prostate cancer. Often you will need a referral from your regular doctor to see them. If you give us your location perhaps someone in this group can give you a recommendation of where to seek help.

  • Thanks for your response Berkshirebear. I live in Melbourne Australia.

  • I'm 27yrs old I can't get good erection like before I have be going through this problem for about 3 to 4 years now I have done a lot of tests but nothing found I also visit utrologist to know the caused but no good respond please I need help so I can get back my good erection and can able to satisfy my woman..

  • Hi Godsent,

    If no physiological causes have been detected, there would be psycologucal reasons for your ED. I suggest that you visit a psycologist or a sex therapist and discuss your issues.

  • Okay thank you Farira For your respond I have tried different utrologist and run a lot of tests but no proper answer I will visit the psychologist or sex therepist I just want to make sure everything work fine..it hurts me a lot

  • the earlier you see a professional, the better. I am having an ED for almost 15 years since my mid 20's. I had the same situation as yours. no physical reasons for my problem. however, instead of seeking a psychological treatment, I started taking Viagra. Since the result was incredibly satisfactory I totally forgot the main cause of the problem since last year when pills stopped doing the trick! so I started seeing a sex therapist but the progress is too slow now! actually the problem is the relationship issue. in order to cope with the erectile problem both partners should work on it, but nowadays girls want to ensure your ability in bed before establishing a relationship. i am now in a vicious circle! i can not solve the problem without a partner and girls stop seeing me after my failure in bed.

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