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Chronic ED

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Hope you guys don't mind a female on this discussion.

I'm concerned about my daughters father. Ever since I've known him he has had problems maintaining an erection. It wasn't untill two years into our relationship that he disclosed he was taking Cialis. I put it down to a very difficult divorce and I was the first serious relationship since. He went to his Gp who couldn't find a physical or hormonal cause. We split 5 yrs ago and he has had several short term Gfs since but we had a little pash recently and I was surprised to discover he's still having the same problem. He's got a draw full of Viagra, Cialis and other stuff for ED that he's bought from the net so hes obviously been using them with his Gfs. He doesn't like them as they give him awfull sinus and back problems and i feel like he takes them just to "keep up" for the womans benefit. My question is shouldn't he be over this by now?

His divorce was around 13 yrs ago.

What can he do?

The only things I can think that may contribute are that he is getting older (50) and rides a motorbike. Or maybe he's never fancied me? or possibly secretly homosexual?. The latter seems ridiculous but he comes from a very strict Catholic family who wouldn't accept it.

I just don't know and really want to help him overcome this.

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Being 50 years old ln my opinion is not his problem as you mentioned. You said, "He has had this problem every since I have known him"

I am not a Doctor, but getting and keeping an erection requires good blood flow through out the body especially to the penis. If blood is restricted to the penis, then there will be problems maintaining and keeping and erection.

Of course there are other medical issues to this problem, just though I would mention one.

may I ask you why you left him when you realised he had been taking Cialis for two years?

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Pinkpantha in reply to Farira

I didn't. He split with me after three years.

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Farira in reply to Pinkpantha

my apology for the misunderstanding, I thought two statements following each other were related. No men wish to have erectile problem and that has indeed nothing to do with being homosexual or not attracted to their women. That's just a problem like all other health issues. if the cause of problem is not physiological it could be psychological such as anxiety, depression, embarrassment, etc. If not yet, I suggest that you both see a psychologist and don't expect to resolve the problem overnight.

I am having ED for more than 15 years and i am just 38 ( yes i have had this issue since I was 22-23) and since last year my body has developed resistance against any impotence medications so none of the magic pills work anymore. I took the issue really seriously and saw a number of GPs and realised that my problem is not physiological- one indicator is the morning wood- so I started seeing a consultant but unfortunately since I have no partner the treatment is not really effective as both partners should work through the issue. I am hoping with some cognitive treatment method I get some progress.

my only point for sharing my own story was that my ex-wife and other girls I was seeing left me when they realised I had ED. Please dont leave him alone if you care about him.

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Pinkpantha in reply to Farira

I admire your persistence Farira. Especially on an issue that some people don't want to talk about.

Don't mind a female in this site at all. Most of you possess more wisdom.

I would highly suggest that he look into an penile implant. I have one and it has changed my life. You can Google Coloplast Titan and AMS for information; and look up for many viewpoints on this and other subjects that have to do with male sexuality.

Pinkpantha, females are as welcome here as any males. In fact women can offer a refreshingly different perspective, especially with genital and sexual issues.

Is your daughter's father circumcised? I ask because impotence has been shown to be an affliction far more prevalent in circumcised men as they grow older, than intact men - especially if they were circumcised in infanthood.

But at least he was able to sire a daughter, with or without a foreskin. So perhaps his problem is psychological rather than physiological. In any event, I do advise that he should see his GP. He or she may prescribe him with an effective medication instead of the rubbish he bought from the internet. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition, particularly in older men. It is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it to some degree.


Thanks for your responses. An implant isn't something I had thought of but not sure it is something he would consider. Yes he is circumcised in late teens. He actually got three kids all together! But only with a pill unfortunately.

This can be very hard as a man to cope with - you feel like a failure & your not a 'man' & you let your partner down , sometimes the tablets work & sometimes they don't , talk & don't play the blame game , try different things - be patient , excercise & play a part too .

Don't give up

A pump is also a possibility , anything is worth a try & of course - get help/advice

To answer you question, I highly doubt he will get over it, perhaps he should consult a doctor or look for long term assistance to his problem then just a pill.

In my opinion, there could be some case of anxiety and depression, hence the need for exercise. There could also be some side effects resulting from extensive use of those prescription drugs. Perhaps it may be useful to try a natural male enhancement.

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