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Erection issues


Hello, this is my first post, I have had bouts of ED in the last few years. I'm 48, I was married but unfortunately divorced about 4 years ago.

My anxiety I'm sure plays a big part of ED.

I haven't been in a relationship for over a year now. I was having issues getting and keeping an erection which my then partner got very frustrated with me over.

Could I ask how you guys cope and what works for you keeping and maintaining a hard penis?

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The most common solution are the pills or PDE5s (Viagra, Cialis, etc). They don't work for everyone. Many of us who have had our prostates remove need "help", I am a firm (pardon the pun) believer in injections. Trimix has been a lifesaver for me. Last resort is an implant.

Bluefishboy in reply to baw1955

Thank you for your advice.

Yes , I have had the same problem during this lockdown and been having ED , I did get an offer to get Viagra which I have used a few times and has worked very well , but I don't want to get to use to taking it as might not get an erection without it , once things get back to normal I am hoping so will my penis!!

Bluefishboy in reply to LASERUK

Thank you for your reply.

I've had issues with ED too. I was experiencing a lot of stress. My urologist put me on Cialis 5mg daily. I've been on that several months now. Throughout this year I've had 100% success rate while on this. I do miss a dose here and there. Still I have no ED issues. I see my Urologist next month and I'm going to ask what he recommends to taper off using it. I'm not sure if he'll reduce the dose to 3mg or reduce how often I take it. The Cialis worked as a confidence booster.

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Any side effects?

Snip1968 in reply to Hidden

No, just the confidence of knowing I was going to be able to perform and morning erections are back about 95% of the time.

Bluefishboy in reply to Snip1968

That's great to read snip1968, I will look at getting some to help me.

Bluefishboy in reply to Snip1968

That's really encouraging and helpful. I appreciate you sharing.

Snip1968 in reply to Bluefishboy

No problem man, good luck to you. I'm confident you'll overcome this.

Bluefishboy in reply to Snip1968

You are a gent! I appreciate your support man...

Snip1968 in reply to Bluefishboy

My pleasure

My ED is from my prostate removal but I can offer some advice. You are correct that stress can defiantly be your problem. If you try the pills have the doc give you a few of one type and see how you tolerate the side affects. I could not use Viagra because of severe sinus inflammation. So I tries Cialis and that did not have as much side affects for me. But we are all different. I am using Prostaglandin E1 injections with success and my erections are slowly returning now at 15 months post surgury.

Thank you for your reply. That's really helpful.

Some things to think about in case it’s not just psychological. After experiencing a few bouts of ED, my doctor prescribed me 10mg of Cialis twice a week about seven years ago. That seems to do the trick for me. Personally, I’m also a big believer that regular exercise helps. I now jog three times a week, and was interested to see a recent news story about runners managing to return elasticity to their arteries: Anything that increases blood flow around the body is good. I’m part-time vegan (half the week) – the reduction in animal products seems to have dramatically improved my cholesterol level, which I again think is good for my cardiovascular system. Lastly, your blood circulation is considerably more sluggish after a meal high in fat, as the body diverts blood to your guts to help digest the food. I’ve noticed my ability to get hard is definitely impacted in the hours after a particularly fat-laden meal, so that’s something else to bear in mind.

Thank you westbury18. Your message is very helpful. I appreciate your comments.

Hi , may sound obvious, but get checked - i find cialis tablets helped & i got back in the gym , your right anxieties & stress ate a killer for erections , trying to train your mind that if couple times it doesn’t work - it ain’t end of world. Do get checked tho

Good luck

Bluefishboy in reply to Homer32

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate that.

In had my prostate removed. My urologist gave me 60 free tablets of Cialis 5mg. It worked great. Impotence is depressing. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, my Dr has provided me with Tadalafil which I believe is the same as Cialis. Finding that helpful.


I used the Tri-mix injections for several years with amazing success.

After my RP followed by 44 radiation doses the mix hardly worked so I had a penis pump installed. Now I can get hard as a rock anytime she wants and stay that way for as long as I want and with zero side effects. Good luck!

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