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Fluctuating GFR

In Jan 2011 my GFR was 49. In Jan 2012 I was admitted to hospital because they thought I was passing kidney stones. I was placed on diclofenac on discharge. My doctor was not happy with outcome so sent me for another test. My GFR had dropped to 29. I had an emergency appointment to Nephrologist and he said stop medicaton. I had another blood test in October and my GFR was 47. I had a blood test the week before Christmas GFR 42. Another blood test week after Christmas GFR 42. Another blood test a week later GFR36. My nephrologist said he would see me in 6 months. After seeing him I had an appointment at general surgery ward for diarrhea. The specialist was concerned as he said my eyes were slightly Jaundiced. He ordered another blood test and am awaiting results. Has anyone else had fluctuatin GFR as I am concerned that it might keep dropping and may be missed

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Hi, my GFR has been doing strange the last months too. I was told last year April that it was in 19 and has been stable all the way till Christmas, then in December with a week diference I had two test done, the first was on 21 and the second on 16. Going to have another one done on 22nd of January. I didn't start seeing my doctor every two months untill my GFR was on 19 since that is end stage kidney failure. Keep in mind you could be for years on or around the 40. I have had kidney failure and my GFR has been going constantly down since my 28 and I am 38 now. 10 years is a long time and I keep visiting my doctor just once a year during all that time for control, only the previous years when I was around 40 too I started to have a visit every 6 months. They will monitor you and I am sure if you get worst, what we hope will happend much later :) , they will know what to do. Also just for your info, if you have a test done with contrast, or if you are ill and taking antibiotics, or if you have any other conditions as a flu, that all can temporarily put down your GFR and once that is over your GFR will go back to normal.

Hope you will keep wel,




Thanks for this. It's good to be able to get the opinion of someone who's been there


Hi, for the past 25 years of being diagnosed with PKD my GFR has steadly gone down until this time last year. In the past year my GFR has now gone up and down. I find mine goes down if I am stressed and up when I'm not. I am now down to 16 but expect it to still go up and down, my Nephrologist still doesn't think I will need dyalsis for another year.

Personally I wouldn't worry too much as this may not be helping. Good luck



Thank you Nikki. It is nice to be to get peoples input who have been there


If you can try arrange through your renal consultant to have your U&E's done every 2 month via your GP surgery my GFR is around 30 and although bit up and down. Least then its being monitored. 2 month monitoring is what happens with me.

Take it easy&take care


Thanks. I will ask my GP next time I see him


Hi...I take Voltarol when I have a kidney stone...which is about 4 times a year, after which my GFR always goes really low, down to 25 or so.....and takes about 5 days to return to my normal range of around 35....at 25 I feel rubbish and am i bed by 5pm


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