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Gfr lower end of range - should this concern me?



This is my first post here. I'venot been diagnosed with ckd but just had a blood great which concerned me a bit.

I have controlled hypertension and am 58 years old. I go for an annual fasting blood test and never had any problems. But this year I was recalled because my gfr was 55. Everything else was normal including urine test.

So I had another random non fasting test and the result was 60. They said this was fine as it was in the normal range.

Then I decided to Google it - never a good idea - and saw that 60 is right at the lower end of the range.

Is this anything to worry about? Or should I just take them at their word that it's normal and forget about it until next year's test?


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HI Weirdwill,

HI and welcome. It probably would not hurt to have another lab draw sooner than a year to see if there are any changes. Kidney disease is diagnosed by other factors including GFR. GFR can fluctuate from day to day depending on hydration and other factors. So, to be sure, maybe another lab done in three month to see what if any changes have happened. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Here is a link to help explain what is involved in testing for CKD.

Thanks for the reply Bassetmommer. That link was very helpful and made it clearer to me and put my mind at rest a bit. I'll discuss again with my doctor and ask for an earlier test before the next annual one.

On the first test, as it was after fasting maybe I was a bit dehydrated and that affected the result. But I have checked the urine results done at the same time and they were all ok. Only the gfr was down. So I guess it's nothing to panic about - just something to keep an eye on.


HI Weirdwill,

This could be a "warning notice" from your body. It could mean that you should start doing some things to help your kidneys now, so that they do not get worse. I would start with watching:

1. sodium levels, particularly not adding salt to your food;

2. drinking more water;

3. stopping n-saids, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and higher dose aspirin, as well as prescription pain killers that could impact your kidneys.

There are many other things you could do, but start with these and see what your next test results say. I agree with Bassetmommer that you might want to request another blood test sooner. One thing I would not do is to take them at their word. Do your own research, educate yourself so that you know what questions to ask and become your own advocate. Two nephrologists told me that I did not have to change my diet, but I did and raised my efgr almost 20 points.

Good luck,


Weirdwill in reply to lowraind

Thanks for the reply lowraind.

I do watch salt intake as it's recommended for hypertension as well.

But having thought about water, I don't think I drink as much as I should. So going to pay a bit more attention to that now.

I had no idea about painkiller and nsaids having an effect on the kidneys either so that's something else I can do.


There are ways to change you diet that will help your gfr. If it continues to be 60 or lower. There is nothing to worry about but there are changes you can make now that will help your kidneys. At this stage 3a, doctors will a mostly say no problem until it reaches stage 4. Be proactive and limit salt, protein, dairy, caffeine, red meat, drink plenty of water , otc pain meds, and moderate exercise. Also watch your bp. Go to the Davita site for advice on foods etc. Keep on checking with your doctor.

Weirdwill in reply to itzmich

Thanks itzmich. These replies have given me some things to think about. You sort of take it for granted that your kidneys will take whatever you throw at them. This has made me stop and think.

itzmich in reply to Weirdwill

Yes it really does. Diet changes have made me feel physically better.

Try not to worry. Sometimes if you are dehydrated it comes across in your blood work. Try drinking some more water if not already and maybe request some more bloods in a month or so and see what they come back as. ☺️

Weirdwill in reply to Munf

Thanks munf.

I think dehydration perhaps affected the first test. I hadn't eaten or drunk for 12 hours and I've realised I don't really pay enough attention to water intake.

These replies have been really helpful.

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