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Foul taste in CKD


Is anyone in this group experiencing a change in their taste (foul test) even while not eating anything with kidney disease?

Also I want to clarify that I have started experiencing this change in taste from last 1 week while I was on antibiotic for the treatment of Peridontal Abscess in my mouth.

It specially tastes awful when I wake up from long sleep in morning.

Please clarify.

I am just diagnosed with anaemia after 9 years of my fight with CKD. Haemoglobin and RBC were normal for 8 years but in last one year, both are on continuos downfall.

Currently gfr fluctuations care in between 25-34

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I too experience the dental issues. Also diagnosed with anemia. The RBC and Hemoglobin are declining too. I am at 3b according to the eGFR.

Wish u good health.

Are u taking any medicines or EPO injects for declining RBC and Haemoglobin?

No I am not, at this point.

So there are several possible reasons to check into. Teeth issues alone can cause foul taste in mouth. Being dehydrated during sleep, also. But, I am more curious for you to describe this foul taste. Does it taste like rotten eggs, metallic, etc.

What were your calcium and phosphorus levels, as well as pth?

Calcium is only just above the normal range.

Phosphorus is normal.

Pth not done in last 1 year.

I will get it checked

I am unable to describe this foul smell.

But i know it don't taste normal. .

I would let your doctor know. The abscess could still be there, it could be a medication or food you are consuming, or it could be related to the condition of the kidneys.

In a simular position so will see any news thank Drakula

This also happened to me before I ever knew I had a kidney problem. Just randomly while talking to a friend I got this foul taste in my mouth. I can’t describe the taste/smell but it was disgusting. Lasts about a minute or so. It’s happened a few times. I’ve never associated this with my kidney issues until now. 🤷‍♀️

Hi Drakula. I know many people have described a foul flavour as a metallic taste in their mouth, but as Melissa said, it may also be attributed to the antibiotics you were taking or, I’ve also heard people say that sometimes antibiotics can cause thrush inside the mouth. Try to examine the inside of your mouth and look for white patches. I know that thrush can also cause a foul taste when it’s happening in the mouth.

It may even just be a side effect alone of the specific antibiotic you were taking. Try researching it online and see if it lists odd tastes in the mouth as a side effect. Also, you can contact your doctor or your pharmacist, they would be able to help you with that as well.

I think we here have all been there at some point in our journey (I know I have). You can brush, floss, waterpik, gargle with mouthwash, etc. It just won’t shift. I have found that mine comes and goes. It may be a result of the levels in our blood sometimes being out of whack. I’m almost positive that those fluctuations can impact our bodies in that way. It’s frustrating, I know.

Hope everything works out well for you with this. Keep us posted on what you find out. All my best to you, dear. God bless. 😊👍



I am stage 4 with a gfr of 24 and declining. I think your problem is not related to your CKD. I have no symptoms most of the time with my CKD apart from itchy legs which is more due to dry skin than anything else. I think some people are effected more than others but still doubt your taste is CKD related. Your specialist will be the best to advise.

I'm at 24 % from 8 % over past year from drug induced AKI ( prescription med) and I have a nasty taste but its thought to come from my nose and Polps I have appt. in Sept to see a ENT Consultant. I have had nasal spray and antibiotics as well. But could be also related to a medication or Acid Reflux. To me it tastes like a cross between sour dough bread, and sour milk with sprinkle of iron. Do you need to swallow a lot? as Nasal Drip could be a possibility too.

I have IgA CKD stage 3, I think autoimmune, positive anti Ro which is Sjögren’s syndrome stops you producing saliva, moist eyes , and nose. When this first happened my taste changed rapidly hypersensitive mouth , some people get dental problems, might be worth investigating.

Hello everyone, I feel pleased to inform you all that now that foul taste has suddenly disappeared from my mouth.

May be that was the result of antibiotics which I was taking for my peridontal abscess

I too had the horrible metallic taste in my mouth, on my tongue to be exact and definitely know, in my case, it was caused by antibiotics. I was taking clarithromycin for tonsillitis and it ended when I finished the course. It happened last time I took antibiotics, so am certain that’s what caused it.

Yes but it was sinus upset by the antibiotics so go to GP it might have them and sorry but its a spray to stop the infection. I had this a few months ago a lot of angst but nothing to do with the CKD. I found it was a sort of sour dough taste mixed with metal.

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