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Help in hot weather? How to manage ckd

Hello, I have CKD stage 3 b . Have had so for 3 or 4 years now. I turned 65 last year and decided to retire to a Greek island. The plan was to rent a property, live frugally, eat a Mediterranean diet, relax, walks, swims in the sea. We moved a team the beginning of September last year from uk.

Now the temperatures are sometimes in the 40's and the temperatures are unbearable!

We don't have a car, so walk and bus everywhere, but that's not practical in really hot weather.

All the tourists are baking on the beaches, and I am just trying to keep cool.

Last couple of days, my ankles and feet have been showing signs of oedema.

Anyone any ideas how to manage kidney disease in very hot weather?

Thank you

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Hi Granbo,

My age/Ckd is similar to yours. I went to Corfu last year for two weeks and the heat nearly did me in. In those conditions you can dehydrate easily and this is very bad for your kidneys. What does your nephrologist say.

You may have to reconsider your plans in the light of your condition.

Good luck, I wish you well.


Hi, we did our research before we came. All the guidebooks said max temp in the summer around 30 degrees. But it looks like Rhodes has very high temperatures from June through to sept. I don’t have a nephrologist, just a Greek doctor who tells me to drink more water and exercise!!

Thanks for your help


I would definitely drink the water, a gallon or more a day. The dehydration doesn't only affect your kidneys but blood pressure. Both are hard on kidneys.


Thanks sally


Granbo, having had a tour of the gorgeous Greek Islands recently, I would not want to be long term in that sort of heat with CKD. My ankles and feet also swelled in the heat. I drank loads of water and was luckily able to return to wonderful cool air conditioning each day/night. The thought of living there sounds idyllic but I think I would only consider staying there outside of the hot summer months - escaping from the UK during our winter sounds very inviting though. My advice would be that you stay inside or in a cool, shady spot whilst the very hot temperatures continue and drink plenty of cold water, and avoid alcohol, caffeinated drinks and spicy food which will just aggravate the situation. I'm sure a nephrologist in the area will be able to advise you better.


Thanks for your help


We are in Crete and my husband was diagnosed with kidney failure following a stroke. The care he has had here is second to none, he was referred to the nephrologist at the hospital and had blood tests and saw the doctor every 8 weeks. I would recommend that you ask to be referred to the hospital and they will advise you. Greece had had exceptional high temperatures this year starting in May, not usually this hot except for August.

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Yes I think that’s a good idea see nephrologist. At the moment I just wang to sleep all the time in the cool. Thanks for your suggestion


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