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very new here, quite concerned


april 2016 gfr = 90

October 2016 = 50

Feb 2017 = 50

May 1 2018 = 39

Sept 10 2018 87 !

I have been doing all the things you are supposed to but I am wondering if the dramatic increase could be not using Lipitor for about 4 months? (this was really just inadvertent but maybe a great accident)

I just went for another blood test to see if the 87 was a mirage

Does anyone have an opinion on this ?

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Hi,I had a slightly similar experience...not so dramatic....but my egfr has roughly been 38/40 for 6 years then the other day my new dr said it was 56?? I wasn't convinced! When I had my kidney specialist results it was 42. Ask your doctor if they can repeat the blood test!!

RickHow in reply to madonbrew

I had very similar experience. On the same day I had blood test done at two different doctors. One my primary care, one my oncologist. One got a result of 1.7, the other 1.85 for creatine levels. (I have one kidney so my numbers are normally in the 1.7 to 1.8 range).

hi, I think I would have the blood test repeated. Great luck!

Update as to gfr changing

my result of 87 seemed too good so I went back to the same lab one week later; during the week of relief with the great result I probably had more protein than usual but nothing extreme at ; so one week later egfr was72 and creatine was 1.3 (compared to 1.1 a week earlier; have had ckd for 2 years. Does It seem like tests are just not that precise?

Sounds wonderful, so glad it went back up. Gives me hope. Focus on the good and be happy.

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