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I would like to have views of friends on following:

I am 72 years male with only issue of elevated creatinine at 1.74. No other issue . absolutely nothing.I wend full hog and based on suggestions of Lee Hull, i controlled intake of sodium protein phosphorous and potassium. I was very strict on my diet.Result is my creatinine is in downward direction, but all my electrolytes, protein and albumin are at lowest point of acceptable range.

Now I am confused. My nephrologist says all is O.K., but I am not convinced. I have informed my RD who is working on this.

But any suggestions on how to approach this problem. My worry is that if I start my usual diet without much restrictions of 3Ps and 1S, then may be my creatinine will go up.

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I am age 79 and have been on diet prescribed by my GP, which is restrictive on sodium, phosphorus and potassium. So far the CKD seems to have slowed down. My Doctor uses an average of my eGFR. It is an estimate of your filtration rate at a given time. In my case GP watches Vitamin D, RBC , Anemia etc.

I assume your Doctor knows about your diet, so that they can watch other than just the eGFR.

Hello vinadhun2! I looked up some of the causes of high creatinine, and it said that diabetes and high blood pressure can also cause creatinine to go up (I didn’t know that! Lol!) I know that strenuous exercise can raise it, as well as certain medications and chemotherapy, but I’ve attached the link from Healthline below, so you can read through it if you wish. I hope this helps.

I wish you all my best vinadhun2! Please continue to keep us posted on how you come along with your creatinine levels. I’m glad to know that it’s coming down. That’s great! But remember, don’t let your other levels go too low. That wouldn’t be a good thing. You take care! Keep up the great work! Bye for now! 😊👍✌️🙏

Thanks for the advice

Your creatinine may be at baseline. As long as your other labs are normal, even low normal, then you are doing well. I would not stop following the diet you were prescribed. This can make your numbers worse. I would, however, discuss with your doctor about ways to help lower the creatinine, if possible. Get their input and then go from there. Sometimes you may not like their answer, that doesn't always mean they are wrong.

I could not understand what you meant by "may not like answer of doctor "

Actually my nephrologist feels that may be due to old age my creatinine may remain at elevated level.nothing to worry.he feels that it may not progress.

However we continue monitoring. So I check my creatinine level and other KFT every month. Test has been carried out to see if there is Myloma cancer but it has come negative.

So I am continuing with my diet under RD

All I meant is sometimes the doctors can be very don't worry about it attitude, and that may not work for you. I know sometimes I don't agree with my doctor's opinion, but just because I don't agree doesn't mean they are wrong. As we get older kidney function naturally decreases, that is what I meant by you might be at baseline.

Yes, you are right.I totally agree with you

Hi. I am 70 year old male. Due to other reasons not kidney related, I get blood tests every 3 weeks which include kidney function. My Creatinine level is 1.6 or 1.7 every test and has been consistently for years. I see a GP, an oncologist, a kidney doctor, regularly and all are satisfied with this level. With the blood tests, I get urine tests every 3 months. Like yours, to date, the protein levels, etc are all well within normal range. The doctors advise me to just be sensible. You will read such things are don't take nsaids, don't have contrast if you have scans, etc. And all of it is good advice. But they say to me it is fine if you have an occasionally ibuprofen for a day or two here or there. It is excess that kills the kidney. Beef once in a while is not going to kill you. A glass of wine once a week is fine. Just common sense. No excess of anything. Drink water but no need to be excessive about it. In fact too much can actually strain the kidney. Naturally avoid anything in excess such as salt, protein, etc. They tell me it is consistency in the blood test that we look for. It is NOT the case that everyone with a Creatinine level of say 1.7 has kidney disease. It is outside the "normal" range. But only by 1 tenth. And are we all the same? Are we all in "normal" range? No. Now the reason doctors will say all is ok, is also because there isn't a hell of a lot they can do about it. Once they have told you a good diet plan, a good lifestyle, they have no magic wand. Here is another example, as I said, they advise no contrast with iodine in your system. BUT due to another illness I have frequent CT and MRI scans. WITH contrast. How? Because even though labelled CKD, as long as you are STage 3b or above, it is allowed. I think you are doing fine.

vinadhun2 in reply to RickHow

thanks for all .

take care

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