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Hi everybody I start dialysis in morning - they tell me “ don’t worry you will be okay keep positive”

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I had a chest virus for a few weeks that turned to pneumonia (water retention in legs and feet) . My efg has been12 for last 2 years but feeling good and quite fit - but it dropped to 7 in hospital with all the tablets etc. I’m at the QA hospital near Portsmouth that’s the nearest renal for me. Tomorrow they are putting a dialysis line in my neck and starting dialysis straight after then it’s every other day( this is temporary till I have it put in stomach in a few months) I was on the transplant list but they have suspended it till they have sorted me out. Anyhow I’m a 70 yr old man already for my new way of life and hoping I’m not too much of a burden on all my family

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Hope you soon get used to your new way of life. Once you have your line in your stomach, you should feel like you've more freedom and shouldn't be any burden on your family.

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Thanks gilders it was a shock to the system and was feeling sorry for myself but I’m ok now it’s been a week ( 3 sessions ) getting use to routine

dipes, what rotten luck that succumbing to pneumonia has had a knock/on effect on your eGFR, leading to the need for dialysis. I hope the procedure went well today and all good wishes that dialysis results in better days for you.

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Celtic yes all ok on the day - and you give up 3 mornings a week just getting use to the routine - thanks for the replies from everyone it really does help

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Dipes, I hope you soon get into the routine and that you will find you feell much better.

Praying for you and your family! Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. You are not alone. God can do anything!!

Bless you...I'm sure yr not a burden on your family and they'll be happy to help and look after you. How are you doing? My mom is 78 and is having her PD line fitted soon..

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Hi jojosmith it’s been a week now the the line wasn’t a pleasant experience then stared dialysis straight after- getting into a routine of being there at 7:30 in morning, 3 times a week- it’s fine just an adjustment of future living thanks

I'm glad to hear it. My mom has her PD line inserted in a few days...Remain positive!! X

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