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new to this GFR 15

hello , i am new to this and was diagnosed with CKD 8wks ago i have had lots of tests and my GFR is 15 , haemoglobin is 88, creatintine is 290 all other bloods appear to be in normal range. I am due to have a biopsy in 2 wks time . i have no family history of kidney disease and i am 48 and usually fit and well so this has come as quite a surprise.

would appreciate any tips on diet ,lifestyle and ways to help manage symptoms as currently feeling breathless.

Many Thanks x

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It's not unusual to have no family history. In terms of keeping yourself well, take regular exercise, watch your weight, drink plenty of water and avoid salt and processed foods. Don't cook with Salt or add it to your food at the table. Limit bacon and salty cheeses. Salt puts pressure on the kidneys, raises your blood pressure and may cause oedema- fluid retention. If you notice swollen ankles or a puffy face when you wake up- that's fluid retention and would cause breathlessness. I wouldn't restrict your diet too much until you are advised to by your nephrologist. Take care.


Hi Kidneybean,

Welcome! It's overwhelming g to be told you have kidney disease, especially if you've had no symptoms, but you've come to the right place. There are lots of people here who can offer emotional support.

Check out Davita.com while you are waiting to see your doctor. Here is a specific page for your stage davita.com/kidney-disease/o...

please be aware that we are all at different stages of CKD, some are on dialysis, some have transplants and some are at beginning stages. We all have different types of kidney diseases and the causes are all different. Just saying this as we all have different dietary and fluid restrictions. Some of us should drink more fluid, some less. Some of us need more protein, some less. Start looking for a dietician you can work with for your individual needs. In the meantime, Niciolala has given you important info regarding reducing sodium. That is the main consistent thing all CKD patients need to avoid. Also, do NOT take Pain medications unless discussed with your doctor. Here is a good article on that. kidney.org/atoz/content/pai...

Take care and let us know how your biopsy goes.

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you are breathless because you are anaemic by the look of your bloods & you may be fluid overload if your other bloods are in normal range don't alter what you eat if your not fluid overload drink plenty! they should have given you some advice as your well advanced by the sound of it! x you may be started on injections called EPO which helps get your iron levels up & iron infusions if necessary they don't usually prescribe tablets as its the hormone in the kidneys that causes the anaemia x


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