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GFR dropped from 77 to 70



This is my first Post, I hope someone can share knowledge. I am 37 years male from Sweden. I had my blood test 4 months ago and my values were


Creatinie 102

my GP asked me to take another test after couple of weeks and my result were:


Creatinine 102

My GP then recommend me to go for ultrasound, that was performed 2 months ago and it was totally normal. Yesterday, I took another test and value were

EGFR: 70

Creatinine 108

I am very tense that why it is dropping and my creatinine is inceasing. My Urine test was normal, no protine were found. I am not diebetic or have high blood pressure. I am not taking any medicine either,I am 168cm and 74KG. Can anyone shed light on it?

best regards

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Hello saffafali, There must have been a reason why you had this series of blood tests and the ultrasound at the tender age of 37, so I think you should go back to your doctor and ask him or her why your EGFR is in the 70's rather than higher. The fluctuations in these figures are normal as it varies all the time. You do not mention your diet, and whether you smoke or drink alcohol, but these can also affect your figures. Also there may be genetic factors to take into account. Try not to worry, ask the doctor all the questions you have asked us, that is what he or she is there for. Best wishes - Curleytop1.

saffafali in reply to curleytop1

Thanks for responding. I dont drink alcohol, dont smoke, not taking any medicine. I dont have any family history with Renal disease. Dont drink soda or whatever. The only thing which i eat above average is meat (lamb or fish or some time chicken). So I am very very concern why my readings are not good. But I will go to my doctor later this week and ask. I will share the response as regards

Very well worded Curleytop. Your info is always helpful to all levels of ckd non dialysis.

Thank you for your kind comment about my reply to saffafali, orangecity41, I always worry about whether to make a reply or not as I am far from expert in these matters, but I have learned such a lot about CKD on this site - not least that I am far from being alone - that I feel compelled to try to reassure newcomers especially that a diagnosis of CKD stage 3 is not the end of the world. If one can be as well informed as possible, try to find a suitable kidney-friendly diet he or she can stick to long term, hopefully they will relax into it all and get on with enjoying their lives - best wishes Curleytop1.

You are welcome I feel the same way Curleytop, on posting. Try to be careful in sharing information.

We have to be proactive for our health.

Hi, of the knowledge I have, your numbers seem okay to me. I drink about 100 oz of water a day, watch salt, potassium, phosphorus, by choice I don’t eat dairy. Also watch sugar and carb intake. No pain killers or anti inflammatories. Hope this helps

Have you had any illnesses lately? A cold or the flu? Any type of illiness can temporarily cause a decline. You might also try reducing your protein intake . If I understood you, you said you eat more protein than average. Also, if you are not getting enough water, dehydration can cause a decline. Keep us posted.

Yes I have above average intake of protein as I also do Gym. Yes, was cold and had flu when I had this blood test. I have my GP appointment next week where I will discuss the results. I will surely keep you posted. . Many thanks

Hello saffafali, I have been wondering whether you can share with us the results of your GP appointment, when you were to get the results of your blood tests - I do hope it is not bad news, but do not feel compelled to share your personal information with us if you would rather not do so! Good luck and very best wishes - Curleytop1.

Somehow I missed this conversation. Sounds like you are getting excellent suggestions from everyone, especially curleytop1 and oc41 and Zazzel. Looking forward to the results you get from the doctor.

Hi, I am still waiting for my doctor's appointment, he has been on vacation...hopefully I will talk to him next week, I will keep you posted.

Best Regards

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