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Newly diagnosed and confused about diet ckd stage 3


Can someone recommend a website that has a diet plan for stage 3 chronic kidney disease? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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I find this one useful....

Grandma1053 in reply to Mgt8


Davita and I purchased a program called the kidney disease solution that tells you foods and vitamins to take. You can look it up online. Hope this helps. Prayers for you. God can do anything!

Grandma1053 in reply to Bunkin

Thank you for your advice. Yes I am so glad I know Jesus because nothing happens to me that He cant take care of. Have a blessed day.

Me too! It makes all the difference. I am stage 5. Couldn't do this without him😀 Don't know how people cope if they don't have Jesus!

Delighted to see fellow believers here. The DASH diet is a good one for CKD. You basically eat 5 fruit and 5 veg per day and cut out the rubbish and take a limited amount of salt.

You should see your doctor about what you can or can't eat as it varies from patient to patient.


Thanks Gillian. I am checking the DASH diet out. Hav3 a blessed day.


Hi Grandma1053 i have Stage 3/4 ckd and i got a lot of advice from dietician at St James Hospital in Leeds when i was in there.A website which may be useful is hope this helps

Thank you. I have tried to set up an appointment with a dietician at my local hospital but my insurance wont cover it so I have to find one that does private pay. I have checked the Davita site and it has helped clear up some questions I had. Any time you hear of any good advice please keep me updated. May the Lord bless you and keep you doing well.


I've recently been diagnosed with CKD stage 3 , never had diabetes or hypertension. I get restless legs sometimes during the evening, cramps occasionaly in mornings, sweats, aches and pains. Never realised how much our kidneys do until this developed. I too am glad to see fellow believers on here Jesus gives me so much peace in midst of this.

Kidney777 in reply to lyn12174

I was just just dx with stage 3 due to a medication. But seriously, I've had a bunch of new, mysterious health problems discovered during the past year, and I can't believe it may have been my kidneys:

High blood pressure, anemia, restless leg syndrome, fatigue, itchyness.

Nothing else has changed.

Anyway, I really appreciate reading the posts here.

Personally, I feel like I've figured out something important about my health-or problems.

My dad had the same condition, but I'm relearning about diet, etc. Thanks

5157 in reply to lyn12174

I also get cramps in my !egs(calfs). My nephrologist told me to drink tonic water. It has quinine in it. I squeeze a piece of fresh lemon or lime with ice. It doesn't taste that bad. This works for me. One glass daily.

lyn12174 in reply to 5157

Will try that out, thank you so much for this piece of info. I don't have a nephrologist or dietitician at the moment. I'm also trying to work out, when i get restless legs, what triggers it off.

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