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Diagnosed IgA nephropathy stage 3 ckd


Just diagnosed with Iga nephropathy (currently not active) and wondering if anyone was also in stage 3 ckd and if the fish oils have helped controls Iga. Ask if there are any other recommendations to try and control this as much as possible. I am on medication for hypertension and BP have been 110/72.

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Hi how do you know you are in Stage 3 if your IgA isn't active?

What constitute IgA activity?

Interested to know


Kayla28 in reply to Hidden

I have had a biopsy done and it showed along with my GFR that I am in stage 3 and have IGa. My IGA is currently dormant and could flare up with the slightest cold. But for now just trying to stay healthy

Hello I have IGAN too. Check with your doctor first but normally there is no problem with fish oil tablets and there have been some limited medical tests that appear to show it helps. I take them and I do thing it has helped slow the progression along with a healthier diet. That said the best thing to do is to keep your IGAN dormant. This means try to avoid any infections. I had a huge flare up four years ago as I had a chest infection and that resulted in a big IGA stimulation and pretty much finished off my kidneys. The chest infection started as a simple cold and if I had taken care of myself at that point it might not have developed into such a serious condition. I also know IGAN people who have got a flare up from a tooth infection so again something that can be avoided or treated easily and quickly.

Kayla28 in reply to rabbit01

Thank You so much. Have you been takin vitamin C to help boost your immune system? i Currently do not have any flare ups so I am just trying to stay healthy.

rabbit01 in reply to Kayla28

No I did take them for a while when I was initially diagnosed but then I stopped. No particular reason. I don't seem to be any worse for not having them. It sounds like you are doing everything right. Just try and keep yourself as fit as you can and eat a sensible diet. But don't let it rule your life by restricting yourself to boiled cabbage! Keep well hydrated at all times with good quality water. You would have seen the link to the healthy eating page that the admin posted. You can get some really good and tasty but at the same time kidney friendly recipes that can be enjoyed by all the family which are well worth investigating. Over time you will find what works for you. For example I feel really rough if I eat too much cheese or red meat and even some types of fish so I have obviously learnt to avoid or limit those things. If you do want to try some vitamins or supplements then always check with your doctor first before starting anything just in case you end up doing more harm than good. This group are a good bunch of people and you will find you will get lots of helpful advice here so don't stress too much as that really is not good for any of us.

Hi Kayla28 and thank you for your post. Eating more fish high in omega-3 fatty acids and taking fish oil supplements may reduce inflammation. As rabbit01 has posted, please check with your doctor first regarding this.

More information can be found on the following website---

Kidney Research UK

Healthy Eating for Kidney Patients


Are any other forum members able to help Kayla28, please?

Thank you and best wishes

Hi Kayla28. I have IGAN as well. I was in stage 3 at one point but have brought it back up to stage 2 through diet, relaxation techniques and moderate exercise. As Rabbit said, numerous studies have showed the benefits of Omega 3 in your diet to reduce inflammation. I have food intolerances and can only eat fish related products a few times a week so I take flax oil instead. This is controversial and also needs to be run past your doctor. The biggest key is to reduce inflammation. One way is to balance out your omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. That means limiting or eliminating all oils high in Omega 6 and processed foods which are loaded with Omega 6 , sodium and sugars. Reduce your sugar intake. There has been some reasearch showing that eliminating gluten and sometimes dairy can help with IGAN. I’ve put links to reasearch studies in other posts on IGAN. I can message you with them later if you’d like.

As Rabbit said, keep yourself as healthy as possible. Every time I get sick, my GFR drops. I’ve been lucky that it goes back up again, but not sure how much scarring it is causing on my kidneys.

Do you have protein leak and or hematuria? If so, the protein leaks in particular need to get under control. Did you have a biopsy done to determine that you have IGAN? If so, they might be able to determine the cause of your IGA and have a better action plan. Have you had full renal panel blood tests done to see if your phosphorus and potassium levels are ok? That can help determine your diet.

Reach out in a private convo if you have any further questions.

That’s great news you we’re brought up to stage 2. I am hoping to get there one day. I did have a biopsy done and I do have protein leak in urine. I am only on BP medication as wells as fish oil prescribed to me by my doctor. Not sure what I can eat to help with the protein problem. All electrolyte blood levels normal.

Hi Kayla, I too have IgA nephropathy. I was diagnosed through a biopsy in September last year. I have stage IV CKD. When I was newly diagnosed I was “dumping” protein into my urine, per my nephrologist. I had high blood pressure and suffered from migraines. My nephrologist prescribed blood pressure medication that also has a diuretic and a fish oil capsule called Vascepa. I also have VIT. D deficiency and my Uric acid is high, so I take Vitamin D and allopurinol for that. I take VIT. B12 to help with my low energy levels and take a daily gummy multivitamin, that was approved by my Nephrologist. During my last visit to my nephrologist 2 weeks ago he told me my urine protein is almost resolved! It was the best news ever! My blood pressure has been controlled and I no longer have migraines. I’m not sure where I stand with my nephropathy, I did not even know it could become dormant. Initially i didn’t know how my diet affected my Kidneys. I had to do a lot of reading on my own. Now, with my medication regimen and my new diet I feel way better physically than when I was first diagnosed. I even lost a few pounds 😊. Watch your diet, but like rabbit01 said you dont have to limit your self to just eating cabbage, there are many resources in the internet to help guide you. Make sure you keep track of your lab results, they can guide you as to what you can eat or what you need to restrict.


Hi thanks.

Reason I asked is that I also have IgA. Diagnosed via biopsy this week. No ACR or protein leaks, micro blood in urine and apparently a little bit of damage and the structure and architecture of the kidney is fine. Creatinine moves all over the place currently 1.4. No crescents in biopsy. I had a throat op in April and this may have set it off.

BP is ok on meds (16mg candasstatan). A little arthritis creeping in, assuming this is an occasionally high Urea. All other blood tests with range.

One thing I was curious about was that my IgA serum count was fine. Any insights?

When my nephrologist told me he was very positive, but it has shocked me a little.

Thanks for your great info guys


Targeted therapy for IgA Nephropathy is on the way, hopefully by 2021. Omeros Corporation is running clinical trials right now. The first and second round was proven successful, and now it is in the final round. Patients who participated shown a significant reduction in proteinuria. The cure is on the way, please don't lose hope.


What is Aga?

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