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Best Diet for Stage 3

Looking for the right diet,I do smoke and will be trying again to stop yhis coming week..If anyone knows of a good diet let me tbanks!😊

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Hi, not sure if you are in UK like me, but here we are just told to lower salt and follow a Mediterranean diet with lots of fruit, veg, oily fish and good carbs. Seems to me that in US they start lowering potassium much sooner so it’s all very confusing. Also here we have no chance to see renal dietitian until we reach stage 4 so you just have to read a lot and work out a plan for yourself. Stay well and bin those cigarettes!!


Thanks,all help is welcome..Yea its sad that its so comfusing..And Im from the U.S.A.

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Hi Gary!

Welcome! You have come to a great place with supportive people.

Your diet? My thoughts, ask your doctor for a referral to a renal dietician if possible. They can make suggestions as to foods and food combinations which will best suit your needs.

If your potassium and phosphorous levels are fine, you will need to be mindful but not restrictive.

Eat a low sodium diet, low protein diet- no red meat, canned soups, prepared foods, cold cuts, etc.

I agree with jb65; a Mediterranean Diet with alot of fresh or fresh frozen vegetables such as cabbage, zucchini, cauliflower, onion, peppers, broccoli are great. Salads without tomatoes also, , oil and vinegar dressing where possible, or keep your bottled dressing around 150 mg of sodium..modify.

Chicken, fish, egg whites, black, lental or chick peas are fine, just wash anything in a can.

Strawberries, blueberries, apples, pineapple and raspberries are also great.

If you live in the US see if there is a Davita site and attend their free 90 minute class.

Although they focus on dialysis, I found their class to be informative. Google them.

Their dietician gave me great suggestions as how to raise my iron level through diet..painlessly.

The NKF and Davita has lists of kidney friendly foods to get you started and NKF has a guide for eating out, google it.

Basically you are looking at heart healthy and common sense.

As far as the cigarettes, nix them..I know that it is hard as I saw both of my parents do it.

Please let us know how you are doing and if we can be of support..

Hang tight!


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Is there a problem with tomatoes?


I read to minimize them..and tomato sauces.

Orange City or Mr_K jump in here! Thanks!


Maybe potassium levels??


Hello everyone following this series of posts, I have only just read them and in reply to Astridk, yes you are right - tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, legumes (beans, peas), chickpeas and lentils (not sure if these last two are classed as legumes or not) are all high in potassium. Personally I avoid tomatoes and bananas, only have potato when out if there is no other choice (the leaching recommended elsewhere seems pointless as any good vitamins and minerals the potato might have are leached out too - I choose to have rice every time). I do love the other foods I mentioned but use them sparingly in, say, homemade soups, where a little goes a long way. I have had to restrict my potassium intake for about 8 years now so have memorised what foods to avoid, and there are a lot.

I think everyone with CKD has to devise their own KIDNEY DIET and stick to it as much as they can. Yes, it takes time and effort to do this, and its easy to make mistakes, especially when one sees conflicting opinions about various foods. but in the end, it must be worthwhile to safeguard one's health as best as one can - Curleytop1.


Thanks for yoyr help its much appreciated..Im going to use the patch again wish me luck!


Hi Bet,

Can you please share these suggestions:

“Their dietician gave me great suggestions as how to raise my iron level through diet..painlessly.”

Many thanks!


I watch protein, salt, potassium, magnesium some. I limit carbs but have for awhile. Look on Davita and check out foods that are good/ not so good. Drink lots of water...limit soda, alcohol.

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Thanks, Sally I appreciate your help!


you are welcome. I am trying


Hi there, like JB65muddled said, if you're in the U.K. you normally won't be able to see a renal dietician till you get to stage 4. I was diagnosed at stage 3 last year and managed to see one as I have multiple food intolerances and was suffering from anaemia when diagnosed, but only because I hassled my doctor. The dietician said avoid salt, processed foods and fizzy drinks (because of the salt and phosphates). Eat plenty of fresh whole foods and drink a good amount of water. That was about it. I have done more research since then and I'd add reduce dairy intake as dairy is heavy on phosphates. Reduce red meat intake too (that's the one thing I have a problem with and can't manage!). Also drink alcohol sensibly and cut out the fags (cigarettes, if you're from the US). I also try and avoid too many carbs, particularly things containing refined white sugar. I think if you follow a sensible, non-processed food orientated diet and exercise it will definitely help.


Thanks,Will be trying again this week to stop smoking..

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Lady Luck goes with you!

My mom was told to stop smoking due to osteoperosis.

November 8, 1993 she came home from her doctors appoittment, put the cigarettes in a marked bag in the freezer.

The bag of cigarettes is still there, untouched.

" The greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory!"

Please shoot me a post and let me know how you are doing!

Bet 👍


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