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I have severe pain all in my right back when my bladder is filling up and as it does it makes me "puffed out". I have a small cyst and all ct scans showed nothing else sinister. Sometimes I have trouble passing urine. Sometimes no problem. After eating on passing urine suddenly its like a pressure/pain all in my back and a squeezing in my chester sensation. I have had my gallbladder removed in April. I am told I have dumping syndrome now. When I eat I either pass out, or go very low whilst digesting and get a lot of pain in my liver riht back. I come round usually went I want to pee. I can pee all night and am so lethargic by morning. My nasal passages are dry, eyes, Ive dont want to eat because of pain, my eyes are dry. Ive noticed if I eat bread, fibre, drink coffee, I retain urine and can go all day, despite water and then pain is awful all through right back all in my back. If I eat rice puddings it takes ages to pee. I suffer from severe colon transit time and it feels as tho when I eat bread/fibre/cottage cheese/all my bowels soak up the liquid my water so I cant pee, unless I relax at night on the settee or pee all night. I suffer always with insomnia. I have had to come off antidepressants because I peed even less in the day, was breathing bad, and looked six months pregnant. In A & E noone was bothered as ecg fine etc. Stopping the anti depressants and I peed better. But now I have such pain worse in the evening depending on what I eat in the day. I did suffer from yellow fatty bulky stools, and the pain all through my body after passing was someone had tipped acid all through me. Now my stools are brown/grey and very constipated. I tried another anti depressant. My stomach ballooned again and I got out of breath after passing a penny. I would get to a friends, sit down and suddenly soo tired..only to come round when I have water. The pattern is I eat and go very low whilst digesting it seems, then I start to get puffed out as urine takes ages to fill my bladder. My insomnia is bad always has been. I am 66. I even took Ranatadine for my hernia/reflux. Then next morning I felt wonderful but stomach swelled again and I peed less all day. Stopped it and peed better. If I havenot peed my abdomen is huge. I have had closcopy bladder urethas fine. Bloods say all fine (blood in urine years now since hysterectomy 1985 and 6 pints of blood transfusion - overies left but insomnia started then!!. Ive had upper gi barium follow through - ideopathic dumping a little, gallbladder removed and an adhesion from stomach to small intestine. Gut hormone profile. Tests for diabetis. CT scan showing only cyst and fatty liver. I dread peeing by the end of the day (worse if Ive eaten high fibre popcorn in the day)) and dread passing a motion. I dont know why my abdomen swells and I retain water on antidepressants and even on an antacid tablet. My nasal passages go completely dry, eyes, mouth eyes even blurry at times. My GP thinks Im nuts I think but I am fighting consultants still. Last night before bed I ate two wheat free hot x buns and immediately passed out for hours..until I woks and wanted to , pain all in my riht back as it built up and puffed out. I KNEW if I ate them I would not wake up so much in the night to pass urine. I was right but 3 times and felt awful still so lethargic. my blood sugars can be 4.5 which is not diabetic but for me I cant think talk concentrate until..I have water. I perk up. Have porridge and peed a tiny amount. No pain. I went to my sons and had 3 coffees. A tiny pee bit of right back pain. Nothing to eat. But then I ate 3 biscuits. OK walked the dog. Home. Then as usual standing from 3.00 to 4.00 I can feel urine trickling into my bladder. It takes an hour and Im getting pain in my right back/liver area. I start to go drowsy but pee a tiny amount and perk up. I eat tiny chicken, sweet potato, brocolli, cauli stewed apple and custard. My abdomen is swollen (Ive also drunk water today). I sit and go a bit drowsy. Then the crime of eating 6 ginger biscuits. Feel fine. No pee. If I dont eat fibre, bread, pots milk puds I seem to pee better. My bowels are now dark brown very constipated. The dietician has given me Fresubin milk drinks 2 a day because of weight loss. It feels as though when I do pee all night i am losing water weight. My arms are hanging and tops of legs so shrivelled from weight loss. II came off medications because of insomnia and high bp. I have gone out with my daughter and eaten a carvery and small apple crumble. Its always about one and a half hours later if I eat a big meal of veg pots in the day I am suddenly screaming in pain all in my liver area far right rib and all through back. Everything I read about the kidney diet i.e. no fibre, nuts, milk, banana, oranges potatoe..all make me pee less. If I eat fruit the pain can be soo bad maybe because of the dumping syndrome but I will pee even more all night. If I cant pee much in the night I still am awake and restless all over the bed because it feels as tho my urine wants to come out but wont and I am wide awake. Nothing in there. I walk the dog..suddenly I start to get puffed pain in right back because bladder is slowly filling up. GPs arent worried said kidney function fine but I am wondering if Im working on only one, or are they slowly packing up. Is it something gone wrong since my gallbladder op (also had a colonoscopy and that was fine but nothing but tonnes of yellow fatty diarrohea on taking the laxative for the procedure. Before that because of the antidepressant I was not peeing much and was breathing bad. Breathing got better and stomach went down stopping it. The colonoscopy procedure seemed to make it worse. I dont know if it is my bowels so constipated that when I drink water or have fibre,milk puddings, cottage cheese potatoes the water is being absorbed completely and not getting through to my bladder. I have no idea all I know is when I pee all night I have noo pain no shoetness of breath but soo thirsty. I am on clonazepam now 8 years for restless legs. My GP said if water brings your blood sugars up - which it does - its blood volume! I go drowsy on sitting down, my friends give me my water and 20 mins later I wake up. Is there anyone in this whole wide world who has ever experienced anything like this. There is a pattern on eating I can get pain about one half hours after eating. If I dont pee all day or pass a bowel motion and only have coffee and a couple of biscuits I can feel fine. But most days I feel dreadful by the end of the day in such pain on peeing all in right back spreading through my back and at night I usually have to lie flat for hours before bed to get my bladder to fill very slowly like in the night..all laying flat relaxing. If it wont pass through if I go to bed i am up 2 hours later and off peeing all night. I dont know if this is a kidney, such bad constipation, or with the pain in my right back/liver area a gallbladder op gone wrong. Either way I feel this is afdecting my kidney function, my liver pancreas is stressed and certainly my bowels. If there is anyone who has ever experienced anything similar..please tell me Im not nuts. I just cannot take medication.

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Basten --

Your symptoms seem to be too complex for me, as a layperson, to comment on. I can only advise that you keep working with your doctors. I wish you a good outcome.

basten in reply to jaykay777

thank you for taking time too read. yes thats my trouble noone knows whats happening so I will endevour to do a food elimination but am keeping on to GP.

Wow, you certainly seem to be going through it.I have stage 4 kidney failure, along with other probs and all the meds I am on cause me severe constipation.And a lot of your troubles sound exactly the same as mine.Severe pain, problems peeing.If your bowels aren't working properly, toxins build up and cause all sorts of problems.I was rushed into hospital by 999 ambulance after collapsing with seizures twice.All because I couldn't crap.If you sort out your constipation, I'm sure a lot of your problems would be sorted.Ask your gp to give you Bisacodyl 3 times a day.That sorted me out......eventually.


I had the fat yellow bowel movements and feeling like acid had been poured through me - and everywhere else. It ended up being a pancreatic problem. It wasn't the classic steatorreah symptoms but I eventually got a diagnosis and was put on digestive enzymes (creon). Unfortunately for me this was eventually followed by Kidney problems. I have SLE - Lupus and Sjogrens. Sjrogrens can cause dry eyes, mouth and nasal passages. Both these conditions can mess with bits of your digestive system.

I hope you have an answer to whats going on by now !?!?

If not - don't give up on finding a clear answer no matter how rude the Doctors get. The harder the diagnosis, the more prone they are to becoming obnoxious and blaming you for their inability to figure out whats going on.


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