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Need some answers desperately :(

When I was pregnant 7 years ago I stopped weeing. I was extremely ill but couldn't convince the docs. Too many symptoms to list but top 3 were; sleep apnea, carpal tunnel, extreme fatigue. Then my blood pressure went through the roof I was rushed in for emergency c-section. I was told that my kidneys had failed, I was backed up with toxin and was 'nil by mouth' till my bloods got better. I was so ill for almost 9 months of pregnancy and actually thought I was going to die.

Following the birth I lost 2 stone in weight in 2 weeks. I asked the doctor about my kidneys and she said they'd be fine and was her usual dismissive arrogant self. Any way 1 year later I still felt ill and kept going back. I insisted they looked to see if my kidneys were better. I was given the all clear with a GRF of 58.

Any way I have been back and forth for the last 7 years with varying degrees of illness; producing very little urine, aches and pains all over, tiredness, weight gain, vit D deficiency etc etc, I paid to go private early this year to a thyroid doctor and am now on levothyroxine.

I have been feeling a lot better but not great. I went to the doc last wednesday with palpations, sleep apnea, general unwell. She reduced my levothyroxine. By Friday I hadnt slept for a week, was waking up gasping for air, heart racing and missing beats and extreme fatigue.

I decided to go to a&e. they did ECG and took bloods. Anyway they said my heart was fine but they had found 'moderate renal failure' bloods were ur 7.9, Cr 117, 117 eGRF 45.

Can someone please tell me what this means and what I should do?? I am anticipating a big fat nothing from my GPs

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sounds like you are stage 2/3 renal failure eGRf is the percentage your kidneys are working at so 45% less than half this can change from day to day not by much though usually, are you fluid overload? as that may cause all these symptoms that you say my husband was similar but he was in stage 5 by this time! in general A&E arn't much good when dealing with kidney failure! maybe ask your doc if you could see a nephrologist, if not change your GP some are useless but others are fantastic luckily my hubbies is excellent join some of the facebook groups as well if you do facebook the people on their are helpfull they often have gone through similar experiences, & it helps


I have only one kidney been ill for years my doctor wasn't interested as well I am level 3 ckd you at 45 sound like your 3b I would insist you need to be nephrologist


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