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Just been told I have CKD

I have been feeling generally rough and very tired lately and I have been back and forth to my GP with fatigue and achy muscles for a number of years. I've lost count the number of times my GP has tried to prescribe me ant-depressants. Two years ago I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and take medication daily.

I visited my GP last week because I am very tired all of the time I even wake up tired. I went out on Saturday night and needed a nap before going and lost half a day sleeping on Sunday (without alcohol).

I've been having annual blood test for a few years now because the nurse said my kidneys are not functioning as well as they should but she said it was nothing to worry about as many people live a healthy life with only one kidney so I haven't given it a second thought. I asked my GP what my results were first year my GFR was 62, second year was 53 and this year it is 52. He asked me if knew I had CKD which I didn't.

I feel like someone has taken my battery out, I try and psych myself up and fool myself that I have energy but I just end up making myself more exhausted.

It seems to be going down hill since I hit 40 3 years ago and I thought life would begin. I'm going to keep going back to my GP until I find out what is wrong with me.

Has anybody had GFR similar to mine for a long time and been fine?

What are the symptoms if any for GFR 52 has anyone experienced?

Thank you in advance

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As a general rule people don't experience symptoms till the late stages of kidney disease, when your GFR is below 20 as the you are born with much more kidney function than required. It's suggested that anything above 60 is normal in some scientific papers although still qualifies for CKD. I know at the minute I'm on a GFR of 9 and feel pretty fine to be honest.

Good luck with everything.

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Thanks Beanbag, I lead quite a healthy life style, I don't drink alcohol or smoke and I eat well and walk my dog twice a day. I just get frustrated because there are lots of things that I want to do but find I have to reserve energy for the things I need to do. If there was anything I could do to help myself more I would.

Glad you're feeling well, you're an inspiration 😊

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some people to get symptoms early on my husband suffered fatigue & itching for many years!


Tell GP to check for neurological problems. Your spine, the nerves running from it might be damage. You may have neuropathy, which I do. The thing is you will never know if it is related to CKD or something else. You may have a variety of symptoms that may seem to be related but are not.

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Hi, I am 41yo male and am going through the same thing, fatigue and feeling unwell to the point that I often can't get out of or have to go to bed. My GFR is 40 at the moment.

I can't get through an 8 hour day at work and been off for 7 months due to a blockage in my post renal tubes.

Some Toutube videos on CKD helped me understand the subject but I thought that I would respond to your post to let you know that you are not alone in the way you feel at the stage you are at.

I have had a nephrostomy and need a stent but there is a waiting list until next year and I understand the frustration you feel when you are told that people can manage at the stage you are at.

One possibility is that I have developed anaemia which causes fatigue and I have recently asked my doctor about this and am undergoing tests.

I have had a lot of UTI's over the past two years and it could be that they have just taken its toll and my body is taking longer to recover than some people.

Hope you get well soon and that something I have written has helped.

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