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Changed Sensor Early: DEXCOM

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Well, the last sensor I had used recently had to be changed before its 10-day usage was supposed to end...... Between the no readings alert and the inaccurate readings in the last few days, I had to do extra testing when it had the promise that I wouldn't need to do that. So, I tested at 12:40 am Friday morning and had a snack, then went back to bed until around 6:30 am to get ready for breakfast and the rest of my day. All these alarms started happening Wednesday afternoon.

My first few alarms went off during a Yoga class I had taken at 2 pm. Those alarms were for Falling Rate Alert/No Readings.

I called to get a free replacement sensor and it will hopefully be here by tomorrow afternoon-- by end of day.

So far, the sensor I have been using now has worked okay. We'll see if it can go for 10-days.

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