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Allergies, Sensors Oh My!

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Well, I've had a few days recently dealing with allergies due to the weather and season changes. When this happens, my numbers start going like an interesting roller coaster ride. Sometimes, it also makes my family think I have a cold, when I don't feel sick/have cold symptoms.

Today, I still have some allergies, but I also had some issues with my sensor I had inserted 9 days ago. The one that was removed kept alarming that there were no readings and once today I had to recalibrate it in the morning. The first time I tried to recalibrate, the receiver wouldn't take the result. It took it though on the phone I use.

Before breakfast, the receiver alarmed because I was under 80->. I tested and had some pineapple juice and a protein plant-based shake. I also had breakfast at 7 am. I didn't do a morning insulin dose until lunch time today since the numbers were still lower than normal on a Saturday,

We'll see what happens with the new sensor that was inserted this afternoon. Stay tuned for more updates to come soon. Wath this page.

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