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New Sensor 10-23-2021

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Hi everyone. This is tonight’s update. Please see the picture attached to show how long the 2 hour warm up period will take before I go to bed.

The sensor from 10-17-2021 didn’t go through the entire 10 days. For most of the day today, the sensor alarmed either because the system thought I was dropping before breakfast (I was over 200 mg/dl at 4:45 am when I was awoken and saw the receiver saying I was 187 with two arrows straight down, so I couldn’t recalibrate anything before going back to sleep.

When I got done with my lunch today, my sensor was having issues and I had gotten the Sensor Error from 2:07 pm until 5:03 pm. Then, after the readings came back, they went away, again after dinner and then it was time to change the sensor and call for another free replacement sensor to be sent after the 15 minute wait before inserting. The next free sensor will be here between 3-5 days starting Monday morning next week. We’ll see what happens soon when I get the new replacement.

Stay safe, happy and healthy! Watch this page for more updates!😀👍👍

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It takes so much time and effort to look after your device Leah, when it should be looking after you! 😳😖

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

Yes, but other times, it does work for the entire time and gives everyone a surprise when it does its job!😀👍

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