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10-17-2021 Update: DEXCOM

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Late this afternoon, I had to insert a new sensor and remove the old one from 10-11-2021. This old sensor was only good for 6 days before it decided not to work the rest of the day.

Before I decided to change sensors, I had to stop the old sensor and then wait for the 15 minutes. This is so the system doesn’t get confused with which sensor is to be used. After insertion, I called the Tech. Rep. for the free replacement sensor to be sent. It hopefully will be here between 3-5 days.

Watch this page for more updates coming soon! Have a good night/evening/day! Stay safe, happy and healthy!😀👍

5 Replies

Oh dear Leah, another glitch but at least you have a free replacement sensor on the way again. 👍

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Yes, that’s right, Sue. I will see what happens with this new sensor and hope the replacement sensor is here in the next few days. 😀👍👍

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Hang in there Leah !!!!

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Thank you! Will see what happens in the next few days from now.😀👍👍

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I am getting nervous. Too many times to change. I am just working on getting my CGM G6 ...

Are your sensors covered by Medicare?? Insurance ?

Lately, delivery us 5 to 10 days, UPS or Postal Service.

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