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Early Morning &Too Many Alarms: DEXCOM

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Hi everyone. Here's an update dealing with the sensor that was from the 4th of July. Sorry it's taking longer to post everything today.

This morning, my receiver went off with lots of different alarms. The first alarm was the 55 and below set alarm. This alarm goes off only if the blood sugar is 55 mg/dl and keeps dropping. This alarm can't be changed. It's preset to stay at 55. The number on the receiver at the time when it alarmed was 56 with no arrow. My actual number when I tested myself was 136 mg/dl. I had a snack before trying to go back to sleep since I wasn't having breakfast until 6:45 or 7 am. If I hadn't had a snack, the number would've dropped more by 7 am.

The next alarm that went off today was the calibration alarm. This went off after I tried to calibrate since the two numbers were 200+ off from each other. This happened a few times today even though I looked at the receiver and my cellphone to see if the calibration from early morning actually was recorded. Turned out, it was and the system was giving false alerts for needing to be calibrated.

After the calibration alarm stopped, I was given the sensor error alarm/alert. This wasn't good because this kept going on more on and off for 3+ hours before I called the Tech. Support to get their help to find out what to do and asked for a free new sensor to be sent to me. While on the phone with the Tech. Support Rep., I also had to ask what to do about the transmitter being changed. I was suppose to replace both the old sensor and transmitter tomorrow, but since the sensor wasn't working correctly, I decided to do both today and pair each item up this morning instead. The issue was, the transmitter that is new had a very short expiration date on the box and I wasn't sure if it's okay to be used since it wouldn't be 3 months of use, but the Tech. Support Rep. said it would be okay to use it. So, both got used starting today and the transmitter should end up working for the next few months/weeks.

As for the new sensor, it's working okay and started working after lunch had ended this afternoon. So far, no issues.

More news to come soon. Stay safe, happy and healthy! Watch this page for updates. :-)

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Hey Leah, sounds like you are having quite a time with it all. Is the sensor external then? I thought it was just underneath your skin and you ran over it with something. Perhaps I am thinking of something else. I think I'll stick with stabbing my finger tips 😉. I hope it's all resolved soon for you and for your mental health as well. I think it would be driving me crazy by now. Praying for you. You are a very special lady and we, as members, need to look after you 🛐✝️✝️🙌. PS, don't mention the football 😩. I'll say no more.

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Thank you, Martin. Everything is okay now here with the new sensor. It gets inserted under the skin, but it has a receiver that is a size of a small cellphone and stays on 24/7.

Is that a minor operation then? I understand in the USA you have to pay medical bills, is that expensive for you? Different presidents since Bill Clinton have tried to bring in something similar to our NHS but failed. I remember Obama Care, but I'm not sure what it was.

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The system has issues now and then, but you have to be careful about where you are at the time. I used a over lay patch so that the old sensor would not fall off due to the heat.😀👍

Hi Leah, what seemed a great idea as an aid to managing diabetes has become a real bugbear for you! You appear to need your own dedicated tech support there are so many issues. Really sorry that it's turning out this way. At times it seems more trouble than it's worth! 😖🙄

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There are some cases with the sensors, but they’re manmade. It’s always a surprise when they do last the entire time.

Yes, I got lucky with the Rep. today. It seemed faster than recently when I had to call a few weeks ago.😀👍

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