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Today’s Update: 6-24-2021: DEXCOM

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Hi everyone,

Here’s an update dealing with both the sensor from 6-16-2021 and the new sensor starting this evening. See the picture attached from this afternoon.

The sensor from the 16th has been having issues on and off during the day and night hours. Today was the worst day of the sensor having trouble with doing its job.

While I was inserting the new sensor, I called to request a new free sensor replacement. The next one is going to be here between 3-5 business days from now.

More to come soon. Watch this page for more updates!😀👍

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It's quite the saga isn't it Leah? But it sounds as if you are on top of it all! Good for you. 👍😊🌈

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you, Sue. Yes, I try to keep up with everything when it comes to the right way the sensors/equipment needs to be working correctly. It was hard to get the Rep. who worked for the Tech. Support to let me get a word in edge wise because they kept interrupting me when I tried explaining what was wrong. The only positive part of that call was, I'm getting a free sensor in the next few days. Other than that, not too much got said that may have been necessary from me because I was cut off at the time when trying to explain things.

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CallendersgalGuest in reply to Activity2004

That’s unsatisfactory isn’t it Leah? It’s bad enough that the product is unreliable without having to experience poor customer service!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

That’s right! A person should be allowed to say something if they are calling for assistance with something that isn’t working correctly and they shouldn’t talk over the person asking for the assistance.😀👍

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