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Here We Go Again: DEXCOM 5-6-2021

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Hi and good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This is an update dealing with the sensor from 5-1-2021. This will be a little shorter than normal, but we'll see what happens.

There had been a few unwelcomed issues with the sensor from the 1st of this month. Some of those issues included sensor error, false alarming for dropping with one or more arrows straight down and the readings kept jumping all over the place and couldn't decide how high/low I was at the time. It's very hard to make a decision about insulin when you don't know how low a person will be at the time. The other issue is, even when you do a test to see how accurate the readings had been between the monitor and the receiver, it was impossible to calibrate because the arrows were straight down and you aren't allowed to do any calibrations when the arrows go straight down/straight up. This can make the system have even more confusion and not work correctly. So frustrating.

I called this morning for a free new sensor to be sent to me. That one is going to be here between 3-5 days from now. There's one that is also coming today. We'll see what happens very soon.

When I talked to the Rep. for Tech. Support, they seemed more reasonable about why things may not be working right after I told them how the readings kept going on and off last night and parts of the day yesterday. Hopefully, this newer sensor I put on will be a lot better.

Have a good rest of the day and stay safe, happy and healthy! :-)

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This is ridiculous and you shouldn't have to do this all the time. The Dexcom G6 is being advertised over on the TV and the company's target audience are Type 2 diabetics and mainly elderly people. How they would cope with this is unthinkable?

Fingers crossed the new sensor works better.

TT x

This is crazy Girl. I hope your next one works better 😊🌻🌞🌈

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

So far, so good! Will let you all know soon if there’s any changes later in the next few days from now.😀👍🌈

I greatly admire your pioneering efforts from which, hopefully, many others will benefit.

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