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Morning glucose reading

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Good morning

I have type 2 diabetes can someone tell me what my readings should be in the morning? My GP said under 11 then another doctor told me about 8. Most days I am under 10 on waking up, I go to bed with readings of 6 and wake to 8-9 why do they raise at night? I use a glucomem metre

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Ideally between 4 and 5.3. As it approaches 4, discuss lowering medication with your GP. More than that and you are eating too much daily carbohydrate. Remember that the body is designed to use glycogen; eating only prevents those reserves becoming too depleted/ exhausted.

It's detrimental to eat carbohydrate when it is above that level. Most of our energy should come from natural, healthy fat such as olives, low-carb nuts, seeds, avocado, and to a little lesser extent animal fats, coconut or whole-fat dairy.

God bless you.

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