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New Sensor Tonight 4-24-2021: DEXCOM 😀


Hi everyone. Here’s the update about the sensor(s).

I would like to say that the old sensor that was removed tonight lasted until 7 pm tonight! It had two hiccups before I had to stop it and insert the new sensor. I’m so happy that this old one was really good. While I am typing this, I’m right now in the 2 hour warm up period and should be done by 9 pm. I hope this new sensor lasts as long as the old one had lasted.

Two nights ago, I was woken up by the alarm on the receiver at 3:11 am and I had a snack before I had gone back to sleep afterwards.

At breakfast today, I had my regular breakfast and a small can of pineapple juice since my blood sugar was dropping even though I had eaten something with 21 carbs. in it at the time. I also had a snack before dinner tonight because I was dropping, again with the arrow angeling down. Both times, the numbers were exactly the same and one had an arrow with it! Now, I call that perfect accuracy of numbers!😀👍🌈

More news to come soon. Watch this page for updates.

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Keep us inform , leah

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Herman7275

I will let you and everyone know how things are going soon after the next few days from now. I hope it will be another 10-day good sensor like the one I removed tonight.😀👍🌈

Good to know Leah! 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

Thank you, Luna_Child! 😀 So far, things are working the way they are suppose to since the sensor has been inserted on Saturday evening. No worries, yet. 😀👍🌈

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