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New Sensor 3-29-2021: DEXCOM

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Good morning everyone. Sorry this is later than planned, but things got a little hectic last night when I was going to originally post this update.

To start with, my old sensor that I had used from March 13th had some issues for most of the day yesterday. When I got up first thing before and after breakfast, there were no readings being shown on the receiver. It kept alarming with Sensor Error and No Readings Alert. At one point, the numbers on the receiver and my actual test were not accurate with each other. When I tested after breakfast, the receiver said I was 95 with two arrows straight down. My actual number was 273 on my testing monitor.

When I had finished with lunch, I had changed the old sensor and waited 15 minutes to insert the new sensor since the system could get confused if you don't wait in between of each sensor-- especially if you have to stop it before the time they are to stop on their own.

During the warm up period, I had called Tech. Support and requested a free new sensor to be sent out. I had a talk with the Rep. and she said that the new sensor will be here between 3-5 business days. The good thing is, I was notified that the new sensor now is coming this Thursday by the end of the day. I hope this is right because the days/times are always changing by the actual date of delivery.

The new sensor so far is doing okay. No worries, yet. The only issue that I can see as a problem is, it takes some time for new sensors to get use to the person. Around 8 pm, the numbers were going up and then the arrows went back and forth not knowing which way they really wanted to go. They seemed to settle down before I finally went to bed last night, so not too worried. May keep an eye out if it keeps happening later this week and near the end of next. The old sensor basically lasted for 9 days.

Well, this is all for now. Stay safe, happy and healthy! Watch this page for more to come very soon.

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The sensors don't appear to last long but what do I know. I'm glad you are feeling well Leah! 🌞🌻🦋🌈🌛

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

Some of the sensors had lasted here and there, but yes, you're right. Not all of them do last like they are suppose to and it can be a little stressful now and then. When they don't last, they send out free replacements for the trouble that the ones that gave issues as a 'sorry'. They just keep asking questions before they okay the new replacements to be sent out to those who call about the issues. :-)

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