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New Transmitter and Sensor 1-17-2021: DEXCOM


Last night, since the sensor had failed on its own after dinner was over, I had decided that the next sensor and transmitter both had to be removed/changed. The transmitter that I had been using for 3 months was due to be changed this week and had a warning message on the receiver saying that the transmitter's battery was low. When I called Tech. Support to ask about the transmitter a few months ago, they told me that it can be changed in the same week if the days were very close to the actual due date it's suppose to be 3 months from the last one. So, both transmitter and sensor had to be done.

When changing both items, the first new sensor wouldn't insert correctly and got stuck on me! When I tried to remove the part that was suppose to be thrown out, it bent the sensor's needle on the way out and I had some bleeding where I tried to insert the first sensor. I called Tech. Support and had them help explain how to do all of what needed to be done to make sure the one that I'm using is able to do what it is doing-- working! Turns out, I will be getting 2 new free sensors and a return damaged sensor mailing package for Tech. Support to see why it didn't do the insertion correctly. When this happens, they say never through away the damaged sensor. This is the second time this type of thing has happened since I've used the G6 system. We'll see when everything comes hopefully this week.

Hope you stay safe, happy and healthy! More to come soon. :-)

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Oh dear, Leah. The G6 system does to appear to be as reliable as hoped.

Keep positive and stay safe.

TT x.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you! The issue with the one other sensor that didn't come off correctly is the second one I've had do that so far. Hopefully, that will not continue! Watch this page for more updates! :-)

Fingers crossed it won't happen again.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Yes, you said it! :-)

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