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Have you been having virtual consultations for your diabetes?


We would very much like to hear your views and experiences of virtual consultations.

DRWF is supporting Dr Charles Fox and Dr Anne Kilvert, both diabetes consultants from Northampton, to establish the proportion of people with diabetes who are having virtual consultations, what format they take i.e. telephone or video, and how they have worked for you.

So we please let us know you're experience, the good and bad (but hopefully not ugly). More info here: drwf.org.uk/news-and-events...

Big thanks,

Darren (helping DRWF)

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I've had video chat/phone call appointments with my Endocrinologist for the time we've had the COVID 19 virus. My first appointment on the phone was after March 13th, 2020. I have told the office and the doctor that as long as there's no vaccine and the virus is around, then I plan to have on phone/video chat appointments every 3-4 months. Everyone agrees that this is the best idea for me. :-)

Thank you, Darren_T for sharing this posting with everyone. :-)

I had an appointment in May by phone with my diabetic nurse. I had previously gone to the surgery for my blood tests.My next appointment in December was face to face with my nurse

Nothing. Just a flu jab.

When I attended for flu jab, GP practice nurse did diabetes check: blood test, weight, bp

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