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Another Great Week: DEXCOM


Well, it was another great week with the last sensor that I had used last week. I'm really happy things went well. Not too many issues, but a little rocky with the arrows going in different directions here and there, but nothing that terrible. :-)

Today, I had inserted the last G4 sensor I have in the house. Starting next week, I will be starting using the G6 system. Hoping things will be okay since it'll be the first time using a new system. I know that the system has some different features from the G4, so that's a positive, but also a negative, too because I talked the Rep. out of making me have my phone on 24/7. This was impossible for me to do if I had agreed to the idea of that being done. She had understood, so we will have to see what ends up happening in the next few days with everything.

Well, this is all for now. Watch this area for more updates coming soon!

Stay happy and safe! :-)

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Hi Leah this is good news and I hope this sensor serves you well. The G6 uses an app is that why they like you to have your phone on? Just curious I’d do what’s best for you.

You stay safe and happy too 🌈👍😀

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Both systems can run with a phone and receiver. Some people use the phone as both, but I can’t do that since I can’t turn the sound off for the alerts, or I won’t get alerts for lows or anything. This would defeat the purpose of the system at night.

I have to get the new app for the system to be on my phone and then shift the information to the new app from the old one afterwards.😀👍🌈

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