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5:45 AM Wake Up/National Napping Day: DEXCOM

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Hi Everyone,

This morning, my DEXCOM’s alarm went off at 5:45 am. When I went to check the receiver, I did a quick test before a snack and then went back to sleep for a while longer. Ironically, today is National Napping Day( day after Daylight Savings Time ( to catch up on missed hours of sleep)). So, I took a nap this afternoon after lunch time. I also was surprised how close my early morning test was to what was on the receiver. It was good that the alarm went off. I was really low this morning.

I’m doing better. The numbers have been stable since lunch today.

More news coming on Wednesday this week.😀👍

5 Replies
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Hi Leah

It’s great when your monitor does what it is supposed to 👍. Long may it continue - not the fact that your readings are low (!) but the fact that if they are then the monitor picks that up and alerts you! That’s good news that the monitor works so well and dare I say - for a change....😀.


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThreeSmiles

Yes, I'm glad that the system was working like it was suppose to. If it hadn't, that would have been really bad since I don't feel the lows. I didn't even know I had been dropping since I felt fine when going to get the receiver and then doing my own testing.

Hi Leah, 5-45am early alarm is not desirable but if it's because your BS was low then at least it's keeping you stable. I'm glad that you went back to sleep and I think that National Napping Day sound very apt.

Good luck with your BS levels and I hope that you slept for longer today. 👍😀

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Hi Hidden ,

Yes, I got a better night's sleep and feel more rested. You're right, National Nap Day is appropriate for yesterday afternoon. I felt a lot better after napping for a little while before dinner last night. :-)

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Hey that’s great 👍😀

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