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Pre diabetes

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Diagnosed with pre diabetes. Soles of feet hot/sore. Lower legs fatigued. No meds. Not really overweight. Drink a bit! Don't do sugar/sweets, etc. Does full diabetes' follow on'? Advice please

15 Replies
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Hi Champ, no Diabetes doesn’t necessarily follow, have you the opportunity to talk to a Diabetes nurse/dietician for some advice?

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champ696 in reply to DRWF

nothing given by Doc other than a leaflet explaining what it is (vague!)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to champ696

Were you told to count carbs. for each meal and snack? Did your doctor explain how to do carb. counting?

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ThreeSmiles in reply to Activity2004

You would hope they would but... I didn’t get anything but a few leaflets either even when I was diagnosed with full diabetes. But I am talking 30 odd years ago!

Now though, as I have said before, there is an NHS “sponsored” course - in the UK - which they will or can send you on called XPert Diabetes. It is fantastic, 15 hours over 6 weeks, which I see no reason why someone like champ696, even with pre-diabetes - shouldn’t go on. From the NHS point of view it will not only help her but could save the NHS £000ks in the long run.


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DRWFPartner in reply to champ696

Where are you based? We hold Diabetes Wellness Events which you might like to attend. Please have a look at the information on our website, especially the information leaflets which are all NHS information standard accredited.

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Hi champ 👍

Please see my response to. Activity2004 above. Sorry - I should have addressed it to you!!

Good luck. You could perhaps ask about the course. It’s free and you get a great handbook A4 sized so you don’t lose it unlike all those little leaflets - yuk!


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champ696 in reply to ThreeSmiles

Based in Tamworth. No advice/follow up. Reading up on all this now

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DRWFPartner in reply to champ696

We have a Wellness Day in Kenilworth if that would be good for you

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Believe it or not you are in an excellent place IF YOU DO something. My friend was T2 & with some advice got OFF his drink & T2 pills. Good luck.

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You are at high risk of developing full-blown diabetes if you continue following the behaviour that led you to the stage of pre-diabetes.

Have a look at these NICE endorsed sugar equivalent infographics . You can see it's not just the sugary/sweet foods that break down to sugar in our body.

Set yourself a target of between the equivalent of 6 and 8 teaspoons of sugar per meal, and don't go over that.

Similarly, we only need on average 15 to 20g of protein per meal.

According to the ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, most of our energy should come from natural fat.

No more than 2 or 3 meals per day; no snacking between. The advice to eat little and often was terribly flawed; every time we eat raises the demand for insulin. It's when we don't eat that our insulin subsides and we are able to burn fat as we are designed to do.

God bless you!

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O2Trees in reply to StillConcerned

Hi SC - in saying 6 - 8 teaspoons of sugar, do you mean literally, or not having carbs which would break down to that amount of sugar? Im finding this all so confusing especially as my PD is steroid induced, partly at least as I have taken so much in the last 20 years. Dont drink, always eat whole grain food, just one or two slices of whole grain rye sourdough, olive oil and coconut oil. And due to inflated lungs I cant fit much in my stomach so have to eat much more often than you say to keep sufficiently nourished.

It would be nice to think the itching etc Im getting might abate with correct eating.

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StillConcerned in reply to O2Trees

Having the amount of carbohydrate that breaks down to the equivalent of that much sugar. Follow the link above to see.

The glycaemic load (GL) is equal to the glycaemic-index rating (Gi) divided by 100, multiplied by the available carbohydrate (grammes). A GL of about 15 at each of 3 meals per day for lowering blood glucose; 20 GL for maintaining. Divide by 2.6 (the GL of a teaspoon of sugar) to get the equivalent amount of teaspoons of sugar. It sounds more complicated than it is, especially when you get used to your favourites.

An easier way is to eat only low Gi, and stick to less than 30 or 40g carbohydrate per meal.

It isn't necessary to physically fill your stomach to feel satiated. That small amount of protein, a sensible amount of natural fat, and those limited carbs will suffice when your hormones normalise.

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thanks all. What I find strange is the pins and needles feeling in the feet

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O2Trees in reply to champ696

Hi champ696 - Ive just been diagnosed with prediabetes too. The thing which made me go to the GP was a weird creeping feeling in the skin from the knees down, sometimes just feet so it varies. And there it was - prediabetes. Good luck with finding out about your needs with this. :)

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RoadRunner44 in reply to champ696

Oh yes, I have that too and occasionally my hands. The doctor arranged blood tests after my visit to the surgery with something called restless legs. It's awful and keeps me awake at night. Apparently it's all linked to Diabetes or prediabetes which I am at the moment. I sm trying to find decent recipes with low carbs. I am going to get a good book to use to help me .Do you know what the tingling is? Maybe someone here can help. .

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