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Hi there !! It's me again, Piano333

I guess I am back.

Read a post regarding bread and diabetes. Am very confused about this site. It seems to go all over the place. I read half an answer only and kept looking for the other 2 but couldn't find them.

I have the same concern as the person who asked the question regarding how much and what type of bread T2 diabetics like me are allowed on a daily basis.

I seriously LOVE bread and would anyone please give me an answer?

Thanks to u all

Piano 333

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Bread is mainly carbohydrate and that will turn to glucose in your body. That is the fact that you need to begin with. As Type 2 Diabetes is excess glucose in the blood, it is as well to reduce your intake of carbohydrate to the minimum, especially if you are overweight. If you have to eat bread, keep it to a small amount. Granary and sourdough breads have a lower Glycaemic Index and need to be the ones you choose from. Lots of carbohydrate rich foods are not worth the possible complications of diabetes down the road.


Don't stop eating bread s it is a good source for energy. If you try cut down your bread levels just be aware in terms of carbs there is no difference in its value whether its granary, wholemeal than white. In terms of Glycaemic index which claims that granary, wholemeal it is a slow release carb. I researched all the contents of bread and its nutrient value.

Try soda bread, pitta, thins or olive breads better for blood sugar control. Life is for living and don't remove items from your diet you enjoy. Just try and stick to a moderate amount.



Life is certainly for living but the complications of diabetes can reduce quality of life and be life limiting. I have followed my own guidance for the last 21 years since diagnosis and have no complications.


Well done, its a tough one to manage.


As long as you Carb count for it it not to bad. There are worse things.

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Not sure what they are.


This link of NICE endorsed infographics may help you make an informed decision.


Why don't you go low-carb or keto and give bread up altogether or cut it right down? I used to love bread as well, but since being diagnosed T2 I never touch it and I don't get cravings any more. To me, bread is pretty addictive, it's so convenient apart from anything else, bread with everything. It is quite hard to avoid. You go out for breakfast and everything is something on toast.

You can make keto bread, never tried it myself though so can't comment. But I do make keto chocolate cake and it's soooo yummy, much better than normal cake.


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