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New to being diabetic

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Hi. I have just been diagnosed as being diabetic. I am not surprised since both my mum and dad were diabetics and my mum was insulin dependant.

I had my last blood test last week, or so I thought, but the lab did not process my blood for the final result, so today I am having the last blood test. What I want to know is, what will happen next? Will I get a diabetic check kit to test my own sugar levels? I will be put on medication because I have had a very big lifestyle change this year. Meals being cooked for me. I get plenty of exercise. My husband is paralysed. We walk everywhere, so it is not a question of more exercise. I had a sweet tooth but do not eat sweets now, so what am I to expect? Thank you.

6 Replies
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Welcome to the group. Please feel free to do more postings, read and comment on the postings of the other members, ask more questions, take polls, etc..

With the test of being diabetic, did you get told you are type 1 or 2? Did you get told to go see an Endocrinologist? You may want a home blood test kit to use on a daily basis and you can get it at a Pharmacy after the GP gives a prescription for the diabetes supplies. If the doctor gives you the kit, you will just need a prescription for refills of strips and lancets with the device that goes with the lancets you will use.

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norahbpat in reply to Activity2004

I am not sure what type whether 1 or 2 yet, the test today will be able to tell which, I was told that I would get a kit, I was told that I would probably be put on metaformin which is the usual diabetes treatment, just need to get it sorted at now because my feet are swelling quite badly, I feel really really tired, I am going to pee at least once a hour if not sometimes more, I get up about 6 times a night so just want to get it sorted, thanks for your reply

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to norahbpat

Your blood sugar might be high at night. Cause of the frequent restroom trips at night. Ask your doctor.

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Gambit62 in reply to norahbpat

please be aware that there are actually a lot more types of diabetes than just type 1 and 2 - and other forms often get misdiagnosed as either 1 or 2.

There is a strain of MODY that runs in my family. MODY is caused by a dominant gene - so if you inherit it from a parent you will develop the diabetes whatever you do ... there are several different variants - which work in different ways and respond to different drug regimes - and some that don't need treatment with drugs at all - the variant that runs in my family has onset between 30 and 45 in general and is closer to type 1 (functioning of pancreas in creating insulin) rather than type 2 (resistance to insulin).

You can find out more about the different types of diabetes here

it would be worth finding out from your mum if there is a history going back through generations - and affecting any siblings - and ditto for your father's side of the family.

My brother was initially diagnosed as type 2 but couldn't control his blood sugar at all on the meds he was given - but knowing that my mother was MODY and doing some research - threw up a different regimen which works well for him.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Gambit62

What about LADA?

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Gambit62 in reply to Activity2004

the link shows all the different variants - in speaking about MODY I'm just speaking about the particular sub-types that I'm aware of.

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