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Saturday News: DEXCOM


Well, afer having changed the sensor every Wednesday evening for sometime, the sensor that I had inserted on Wednesday this past week stopped reporting and I had to use a new one last night (around 8 PM). I told DEXCOM what had happened and the replacement should be coming, but not sure when exactly since I had been told that 'the sensors are on back order due to the holiday season'. Not sure how that is possible, but they said that they will send it.

As for the old sensor that stopped working..... it worked on and off during the day and finally didn't come back when I was thinking of replacing it (never said failed on the receiver). I wasn't going to stay up until 1:15 am to see if it would come back on or do the calibrations to start the new one, so 8 pm had to be when it got taken care of for the new week. Hope this one lasts the entire week.

Feeling a little better from my cold/coughing/bronchitis. Had lots of peppermint and mint teas during the day and evening hours.

Talk to you soon!

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you sure have had alot of issues with Dexcom, between you & Company hope to figure all the problems & issues and get them permanately repaired for you and others that are using the Dexcom.

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Thank you for saying that, Herman7275. The new sensor from last night is doing okay so far. I've been told that each sensor is handmade.

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